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Internet-based Performance-centered Learning Environment for Curriculum Support

This project answers to the need of development of a complete master degree program at the point of intersection between informationtechnology and communications. The innovative performance-centred approach has been developed, tested and implemented and ourpartnership experience returned strong positive results - it has been proven to be more effective than the traditional lecture-practice-test(expository inductive) in training higher order skills, for preparing learners for self-learning, improving and adapting for changing jobs.Results:- “Information and Communication Systems” (ICS) curriculum;- IPLECS Workflow Model represents learning materials at the reusable-content level, the didactic level and the usage level;- Learning resources - open, reusable, in the form of task for performance, organized in modules and complete courses, covered thecomplete program of ICS curriculum, on five servers, in four languages;- IPLECS Report with results from the data analysis and conclusions about the IPLECS application and usability in reference to theEuropean dimensions in higher education, particularly with regards to curricular development, interinstitutional co-operation, virtualmobility of students and academic staff, and integrated programmes of study, training and research.The impact:- Complete ICS integrated curriculum that involves the basic competences in information and communication systems technology;- IPLECS supports basic ICT skills and knowledge and some competencies: creativity and innovation; production, presentation andunderstanding of complex information; the ability to access, search and use Internet-based services, organizing own learning, effectivemanagement of learners’ time, awareness of one’s learning process and needs, gaining, processing and assimilating new knowledge andskills, applying the knowledge and skills in a variety of contexts, gaining problem-solving attitudes.- Integrated curriculum and joint degree is a possibility to keep young people at home, studying in their own countries. Virtual mobility,courses in different languages using a pool of learning materials, developed on a share model, make the students learners at the globalEuropean University- The training and qualification will be attractive continuing process with IPLECS support.
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