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Internationalization in Central Asia and the Eastern Neighbouring Area
Start date: Oct 15, 2011,

ICAEN project aims at strenghtening capacities for international cooperation in countries of the Eastern Neighbouring Area and Central Asia in order to contribute to better international networking & exploitation of institutional & national internationalization potentials in the involved regions. Specificly, the project aims at systematic analysis & benchmarking of potentials and development of national recommendations for boosting internationalisation of Teaching, Learning & Research in Belarus, Georgia & Tajikistan. The action further foresees strenghtening of strategic, infrastructural & human capacities in 6 universities as a model for the development & modernisation of institutional management of internationalisation in the three Partner Countries. At the core of the project also lies the development of an international network as a platform for regular dialogue & exploitation of synergies in internationalisation in a multi-regional context.The specific objectives will be realised through carefully planned actions at institutional, national & multi-regional levels including: implementation of a set of comprehensive strategic and managerial trainings & infrastructural measures at the level of the institutions involved; benchmarking excrecises & development of national recommendations for boosting research & internationalisation potentials in Teaching/Learning, development of best-practice manuals for Higher Education Institutions on how to improve their policies & management of International Relations. The action is complemented by extensive dissemination & networking activities including national roundtables & international network conferences. The partnership comprises 14 institutions including four EU universities with varied and extensive experience in internationalisation, 6 partner country universities representing various challenges in the process of shaping internationalisation strategies, students organizations & Ministries of Education.
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