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Internationalization at Learnmark Horsens
Start date: Jun 1, 2016, End date: May 31, 2018 PROJECT  FINISHED 

Learnmark Horsens applies for 100 mobilities for students and accompanying teachers. Also we apply for 22 VETPRO mobilities for teachers. We plan to send students for both technical, business and college students. We apply for mobility for both young students at basic courses and apprentices during their practical training. For mainly young students at basic course we apply for accompanying staff. We did not apply for ERASMUS + earlier, but have obtained experience from projects in former EU programs, so the organisation is ready to manage the project with high quality and a good impact for participants. We have decided to apply for a two year project, where we apply mainly for areas of education with a good international network. In vocational education we apply for both EUX students and students in ordinary vocational education, basic course and main course. In some of the educations we apply for a 2-week mobility - and in others for a 3-week mobility. We are aware that the impact will be higher in a 3 week mobility, but time is a problem on basic course 2, so here we apply for a 2-week mobility for that education. Learnmark Horsens has a strategical focus to increase internationalization in all areas of education in our school. It's a highly prioritized effort in the future years, as we want more young students to experience a stay in another European country during their education. We consider it will have a high impact that students get more outlook and insight in education and culture in other countries. During their mobility they will develop important personal and social competencies, but they will also be challenged in professional skills and benefit with inspiration for future education and worklife.For students and teachers it is a good opportunity to obtain insight and knowledge according to management, learning and professional competencies. The participating teachers will take part in the monitoring of the project and development of the organisation. To ensure high quality and implementation of the project we will focus on participants’ visible learning outcome. There must be clear goals and good feedback. All students taking part in the mobility project will evaluate the mobility project and in cooperation with the partner school, we will assess all students' personal and professional development by using learning agreements, portfolio and EURO pass. The expected outcome for the students is mainly to increase the students' linguistic, international and intercultural competencies. Particularly the VET students will benefit from the mobilty as they often have a limited global vison, which makes it difficult for them to operate in an international context. Taking part in at project like this they will gain competencies which will make them more qualified for internships or jobs. For students from HHX and HTX the theoretical part of learning will be more relevant when they get a more practical approach during their work placement. It will add a new dimension and qualify them for higher education and employment in the global labor market. We expect all students to become more innovative and intercultural, which will have a positive impact for the individual student - but also it might inspire to study abroad. The expected outcome for teachers, managers or other professionals is to achieve intercultural and linguistic skills. This will support the international strategy and internationalisation at Learnmark Horsens. Another expected outcome is that the mobility will provide new skills and competencies as well professional and personal. They will be inspired and able to integrate new pedagogical methods and tools. Managers will also get new inspiration according to management and internationalization. The whole project and results will be evaluated and dissiminated according to the application and the results will be discussed in relevant internal fora - in school departments, teams and at management meetings. In general we will discuss with partners, VET institutions and international network. We will of course monitor the outcome via facebook, press and other relevant media.

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