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Internationale vhs Esslingen
Start date: 15 Jun 2016, End date: 14 Jun 2018 PROJECT  FINISHED 

Due to the impact of globalisation in Greater Stuttgart, a large district that affects Esslingen directly (international large companies, producing products with international staff for an international market), and especially under the influence of the great challenge posed by the dramatic increase in the number refugees in Germany, there are urgent training needs for our Volkshochschule. Our clientele is international therefore our employees should become accordingly inter-culturally capable and the company should become internationalised. Internationalisation is a central task in the field of organisational and personnel development in Volkshochschule, particularly within the next few years. The essential requirements are as follows:1. It is our goal to make sure that every adult has the opportunity to receive a quality and affordable education. This would allow us to advise and assist a more international clientele far better than in the past. The aim is to gain an improvement of communicative language skills at all levels (management, pedagogical planners and administrators, as well as teachers) within the institution.2. We would like to promote equal opportunities through our programs and its subsequent implementation. This can only be achieved through the proper design of courses to be offered by the organisation. The Volkshochschule is an institute visited by those who have almost no knowledge of the German language. Migrants, especially those who are seeking asylum, can only be sufficiently supported through the presence of effective communication channels. This assistance is only through the use of English-a common language among many-possible. Therefore, these programs are increasingly in demand by the administration and management staff, pedagogical staff, and also those who teach German as a foreign language.3. We want the efficiency and quality of our services to improve education and training. This means in particular, the needs to use the new teaching methods and materials to improve language skills including the inclusion of new standards of testing relevant across Europe. We must expand upon the current narrow language learning and educational opportunities; this may be assisted by using English as an additional connecting language.Number and Profile of Participants and Description of Activities: Appropriate training courses are offered in the United Kingdom for these different target audiences. A total of 28 mobilities will be conducted and evaluated. The main focus is to improve the communicative language skills and increase the quality of teaching English as a foreign language for the language teachers involved. In addition, this would give the participants an insight into the standards of the partners as well as the innovative power of Volkshochschule.Process for Project Implementation: The training project "International VHS Esslingen" invites suitable participants to pay all full-time and part-time employees as well as lecturers in English and German as a foreign language. After selecting those who are participating in the training, the topics and procedure of implementation of training will be specified and evaluated by the project manager and project partners.Description of Expected Results and Impacts, as well as the Expected Long-term Benefits: The employees of VHS should be significantly strengthened in their readiness in using English to communicate. We have a lot of first contact with our students with an immigrant background, this will allow us to better advise them and show them a more effective way to educate themselves and take part in the process of lifelong learning. The project is an important milestone on the way to internationalising our Volkshochschule.
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