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Internationale/Europäische Persönlichkeitsbildung und Förderung der interkulturellen Kompetenz
Start date: Jun 1, 2015, End date: May 31, 2016 PROJECT  FINISHED 

Internationalisation and globalization influence our economy and society more and more. Companies expect from their employees that they not only have good professional skills but also are able to communicate effectively with partners from different cultural backgrounds. In addition to language skills employees need the ability to deal with very different cultures and their particularities. This also requires a high social competence. Thus, with this project we want to acquire intercultural knowledge and establish contacts with European colleagues. This way we can teach our students intercultural communication skills and reach our goal of providing an international/European education. Our students will acquire knowledge to be able to orient themselves in a global world. At our school we are in the middle of a process called "Operativ Eigenständige Schule" ("operational independent school") which means that we are conducting many conferences to improve our school by for example implementing quality management measures. One of our main projecs is called: what are the features of a good class, that educates the entire person internationally and how can we implement it? We are dealing with this topic in many conferences with all teachers and in conferences of the different subject teachers. For this main project we would like to get input from other European schools and would like to participate in European training courses. An important aspect of a good class for students is that they are prepared for the complex economical, social and political connections of our world and acquire the necessary social and intercultural communication skills. This shall take place in the different subjects, in the in 2012 newly introduced global studies class, in the retreats of our vocational university prep high schools, in the preparation for internships of our students in international companies with which we cooperate and in the preparation for international fairs and competitions (e.g. the global business challenge in New York 2015). We have a team of teachers who are responsible for the implementation of the international/European education and the furthering of intercultural competence. Mrs. Hingst and Mr.Kersten are the main responsibles since they have the necessary international experience and cover the humanities, social and natural sciences. They are both also highly qualified teachers: Mr.Kersten received the renowned German teacher award 2014 by the Vodafone foundation and German teacher's union and Mrs. Hingst was selected to teach a bionics research class at the renowned "Freiburg Seminar für Naturwissenschaft und Technik" (Freiburg Seminar for natural sciences and technology) for selected students. The training course "Persönlichkeitsbildung im europäischen Schulsystem " ("personal development education in the European school system") will provide us exactily with the contenct which we need for our project. Besides the content we will be able to network with other European schools and establish partnerships.

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