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International- zdobywamy doświadczenie!
Start date: Jun 1, 2015, End date: May 31, 2017 PROJECT  FINISHED 

The project „International- we gain the experience” is realized by Powiat Malborski/ Starostwo Powiatowe in Malbork (including three subordinate units: ZSP 4 in Malbork, CEZ in Malbork and Powiatowy Urząd Pracy in Malbork) as well as two foreign partners: Work Experience-Tellus Limited (the UK), Stowarzyszenie na Rzecz Wsparcia Zatrudnienia I Kwalifikacji Zawodowych Bad Freienwalde e.v (Germany) The project is addressed to current pupils and former pupils ( who will complete their apprenticeship as part of the project no later than one year after their graduation) ZSP4 and CEZ in Malbork trained in followed professions: a) Mechanic Technician ( 2x5 pupils)- four weeks of apprenticeship in the UK b) Car mechanic, cook, hairdresser, electronics installer ( vocational school)- for pupils with knowledge of german language on the level A2 ( 2x16 pupils)- two weeks of apprenticeship in Germany Countries in which the apprenticeship takes place are in accordance with the languages taught in the schools mentioned above and with the experience, leading branch of vocational education in foreign partners. The duration of the apprenticeship is adapted to the curriculum for the particular fields of study in the schools as well as the abilities of the schools to incorporate the apprenticeship within their curriculum. The length of the project is scheduled for 24 months. Each year the apprenticeship will be organized abroad in both our British and German partners. The intention of the project is to: 1. enable students to increase both their qualifications and their awareness of the value of the acquired experiences during the apprenticeship within the project. 2. create the opportunity to put up pupils’ position in EU labour market by granting them with certificates 3. strengthen pupils’ personality traits such as: entrepreneurship and initiative. 4. strengthen pupils’ confidence in new situations 5. increase the knowledge of foreign languages by staying with foreigners 6. recognize by the pupils their professional environment- principles of the organization of work, culture of the work in foreign countries, encourage pupils to frankness, cooperation as well as support their adaptive abilities 7. strengthen pupils’ motivation for studying 8. improve the system of vocational education in ZSP4 and CEZ in Malbork by adapting it to the needs and requirements of the European labour market. The participants of the project will take part in special courses in their schools about the culture of the foreign country, language course etc. During the apprenticeship abroad pupils will take part in courses concerning their labour qualifications and social skills. The paricipants will gain the unique opportunity to conform their abilities with needs of European labour market. They will take part in trips during which they will meet with culture and history of the foreign country. They will also meet with their peers, families and workers of foreign companies, which will increase their language and cross-cultural abilities. The principles of the organization of the apprenticeship allow the participants of the project to increase their social skills. The qualifications they will gain during the apprenticeship will be legitimized with Europass Mobility document which will increase our pupils’ position on international labour market. The beneficiary of the project are: 1. pupils- by increase of their motivations, social skills and qualifications, strengthen pupils’ personality traits such as: entrepreneurship and initiative, strengthen pupils’ confidence in new situations 2. our foreign partners and their workers- by introducing methods of cooperation on the international level, strengthen the cooperation between schools and employees as well as adaptation of the education system to the needs of the local labour market 3. other students in ZSP4 and CEZ- by adapting system of vocational education in our region to meet the requirements of the European labour market, which will uprate the quality of vocational education in CEZ and will make way for the access to apprenticeship in foreign countries. 4. local labour market- by introducing to the market workers with higher skills and with experience gained in foreign companies, which may significantly improve employees position on the local market.
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