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International Work experience for BDC Students
Start date: 30 Aug 2016, End date: 29 Aug 2018 PROJECT  FINISHED 

This project will expand BDC's involvement in KA1 projects, increasing the breadth of vocational areas that we can offer overseas work placement and training opportunities to. The project will provide Mobility opportunities in the vocational areas of Engineering and Hair and Beauty, as well providing working and training opportunities for participants within BDC's football and rugby academies. The project will be delivered over a 24 month period, with participants traveling in several flows across both the 2016/17 and 2017/18 academic years. The project will provide 2 week Mobility periods for players studying coaching, development and fitness as part of their Level 3 subsidiary diploma in sport, who are part of BDC's football and rugby academy's. The football academy participants will travel to Spain, to train and complete work experience/observations in groups of 14 participants, with 2 flows travelling in each academic year.The rugby academy participants will travel to France in groups of 25 where they will train with a local rugby club and gain experience of coaching and performance analysis; the rugby academy will also send 2 flows of participants in each academic year.The engineering students will travel to Spain in two flows of participants in each of the two academic years, with 20 participants in each flow. The Hair & Beauty participants will travel to both Greece and Croatia, with a total of 20 participants travelling across both locations, in each of the two academic years.The hosting organisations that we are working with in each of these countries will provide the participants with the opportunity to increase their professional skills and work based competences, with a view to making them more job-ready and placing them in a strong position to access job opportunities.The Mobility opportunity will build on the training that each of the participants has received in BDC as part of their Level 3 studies and will offer the opportunity to gain real work experience within a professional environment, whilst increasing their personal and soft skills. Whilst the course that the participants are studying at BDC will equip them with technical skills and theoretical knowledge, the mobility experience will add value to the participants' studies through the provision of a practical element that will increase their employability and significantly improve their chances of obtaining sustainable employment at the end of their studies.The project will recruit a total of 276 participants completing Mobility's of 2 - 4 weeks. It is highly unlikely that any of our participants will have completed an overseas work placement and therefore the 2 - 4 week mobility period is considered a realistic and attainable time frame for each group to gain valuable work experience, allowing a sufficient period for the participants to adjust to life in a new country as well gain a meaningful experience with the host organisations that will enable them to achieve their specific learning outcomes.All of the project participants will agree a number of different Learning Outcomes at the start of their mobility, which reflect key skills, knowledge and work based competences that need to be achieved in order to obtain specific course units; participants will work towards achieving these Learning Outcomes during the 2 -4 week mobility period.Ahead of commencing their mobility the participants will receive preparatory training in the UK. This will include some linguistic training, designed to supplement the OLS and to help the participants to cope with daily situations, as well as some practically focused training which will assist the participants to prepare and maintain realistic expectations. The mobility project will also benefit BDC staff, enabling them to increase their teaching competences as well as gaining a better understanding of the needs of employers, on a European level.
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