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Start date: Dec 31, 2014, End date: Dec 30, 2015 PROJECT  FINISHED 

The project has been designed to respond to the needs of the adult learning sector in the local region of Lublin. The adult learning sector in Lublin region is characterized by large number of young adults studying, learning, eager to acquire large variety of professional experience. There is a number of students and graduates who wish to develop themselves into trainers in adult education sector, particularly in the sector of international trainings. There is also a large number of foreign students coming here within the frameworks of international programmes e.g. Erasmus who wish to develop themselves by attending to non-formal education activities. There is however a very poor sector of international trainings services in the region. The number of trainers with competences sufficient to lead workshops is low. There is not enough institutions offering workshops, activities for foreigners as well as almost none which is offering courses on how to become a trainer in international dimension. These elements causes situation in which there is a large number of people interested in certain actions and no opportunities to deliver them what they demand. The project has been aimed to develop skills of adult education staff and enable them to gain international and multicultural experience, to develop adult education sector in the region of Lublin to make it more efficient and competitive. Within the framework of the project we have organized 24 mobilities of our adult education staff. These mobilities were carried out to two training courses provided by the training institutions in Slovenia and Italy. The courses had been chosen by the applying participants. Motivated by the economic reasons we have organized two rounds of mobilities – 16 mobilities to the training course in Slovenia “Peer Coaching as a Sustainable Source of Professional Development” (13.07.2015 - 17.07.2015) and 8 mobilities to the training course in Italy “Training course for adult education staff in the public education sector – Multicultural Teaching” (12/10/2015 – 16/10/2015). Some participants who are crucial at the aim of running the Foundation attended both courses and in this way they implemented 2 mobilites each. Before each round of mobilities, each training course, the participants were adequately prepared with our workshops. They all have been also insured additionally for the mobility period. By the end of the project, all participants have developed their professional skills in certain areas, established various international relationships, gained experience and competences to interact in multicultural groups, gained experience in work in multinational environment. The project raised their European awareness, showed them higher standards of professional services, gave them a thing they would look up to. They practiced working in international dimension. The project has also huge impact on local societies which gained benefits from the development of adult education sector in the Lublin region. This fact has impact on all training actions provided in the region. The project has set high standards for local services and provided an experienced adult learning staff. The project influenced people in Lublin region attending the follow-up courses organized by trainers returned from the project activities abroad. The project in general contributed to raising European awareness among participants and familiarized them with work in international dimension. It developed the quality of adult learning sector in international dimension and thus leaved a huge added value.

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