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International spirit in local capoeira communities
Start date: Aug 1, 2016, End date: Sep 30, 2017 PROJECT  FINISHED 

Capoeira Amazonas Zagreb was registered in 2004 to promote interculturalism and healthy lifestyles through various aspects of Brazilian culture and the art of capoeira using it as a means to encourage multiculturalism, development of creative and social potential of children, youth and adults, as well as improving the quality of life of individuals and society as a whole.Young people today are faced with several problems. Youth unemployment is very high in most countries, the education system did not provide them with the practical knowledge and skills and they have a lack of motivation and enthusiasm. We consider EVS as a great opportunity to motivate young people by working in an international environment, encourage them to learn new skills, learn more about cultural diversity and to create events, campaigns and workshops by themselves. In our previous EVS experience, we have realized that EVS projects are having great influence on the volunteers, but they have an important influence on the local community we work in, as well. Trough volunteers engagement in our activities from workshops in the schools, participation in campaigns and festival or doing Capoeira level of intercultural knowledge, understanding, dialogue and inclusion become higher. In "International spirit in local capoeirea communities" EVS we will host 2 volunteers, one from Poland and one from Portugal. They will be between 18 and 30 years old. The basic to become involved in activities will be volunteer's motivation to come in new community, interes in our activities and willingness to learn. EVS is open to all young people interested in. During the EVS volunteers will be involved inin three groups of activities: 1. Activities which are building connection between volunteers and local community Trough volunteers engagement in our activities from workshops in the schools, participation in campaigns and festival to doing Capoeira level of intercultural knowledge, understanding, dialogue and inclusion will become higher. Working on projects as Tribo Moderna, Capoeira for children with autism and English playground volunteers will meet local community, our users and members. 2.Activities for improvement of digital, organisation and promotion skillsBy working on activities like Brazil in the city, Make your video and My personal project volunteers will learn how to use new tehnolodgy, how to promote themselves, their values and their work and how to deal with conflicts in intercultural working environment. Moreover, they will improve communication skills, social competences and by developing new ideas and actions they will raise the sense of initiative what is not only a project objective but also very important part of their personal development and advantage on the labor market. 3. Activities for language competences improvement On this project, working language will be English. Also, volunteers will prepare lesions of their native languages and they will learn the basic Croatian language in order to fit better in local community. By creating plain for native language lesions volunteers will improve sense of initiative. As well, by learning Croatian and improving English volunteers will improve level intercultural dialogue and their communication skills.Information about EVS project, photos and videos from the volunteer's activities and trips will be published on our and our partners' web and Facebook page. As well, volunteers will write a blog about their experience. Project will have a positive impact on the volunteers, organizations involved in it and the local communities. Volunteers will gain new knowledges and skills which will help them in future career, as knowledge in creating promotional material and short videos, dealing with conflicts, youth work, languaguages. Young people, children with fewer opportunities and local community in which volunteers will work, will experience cultural differences, improve their communication skills, English language and learn more about Erasmus + and the opportunities available for them. Trought direct contact with people from different culture our useres, children with fewer opportunities will learn more about new cultures and improve communication and social skills.Besides, volunteers, organizations and our community, benefets of this project will be seen in a local community of volunteer. Once when volunteers come home, they will spread their new knowledge and skills in their community. By creating an event/project/workshop in their community they will be able to spread new knowledge and on that way they will continuate with youth work. Generally, this project will bring cultural diversity in the local communities through events, lesions, workshops and all the events volunteers will participate. Quality of the life, tolerance and understanding will become higher for all included sides.
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