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International Quest for EU Quality (IQ for EUQ)
Start date: 01 Jun 2016, End date: 31 Aug 2017 PROJECT  FINISHED 

In past 4 years School carried out a systematic self-evaluation for which are responsible principle and the members of the Team for quality. They also identify priority areas for improving the work and performance of the School in which to make progress. Based on expert analysis of success in certain areas and outcomes at the and of each school year Team develops strategies and tools which seek to improve every segment of work in which it assesses that there is a need for development. Special attention we focused on raising the quality of school's teaching process. Also we have successfully designed and implemented a strategy to combat absenteeism from school, which is a huge problem throughout the country. We made it over a 3 years of implementation of that project to reduce the number of absences of 20% in a first year, and the trend continue further. We are strongly committed to the prevention of this problem. All the results are transparently exposed at the web site of the school, on the bulletin board in the hall, too. Performing a lot of extracurricular activities contributed to a promotion of our school in local community and wider. In all those activities equally participate excellent and student with lower grades which is very good for their self confidence. After those projects those students often develop a sense of friendship with teachers and improve they grades in school subjects, too. Their parents also begin to act in partnership, in most cases.Main measurable objectives should be new tools for: absenteeism combat, improving academic scores for students, new extracurricular topics and methods, improving trainees scores, better solutions for daily school-work organizing. In order to evaluate those objectives Team will have to make transparent criteria, forms of evaluation and develop methods to achieve them. We would like all our staff and students closer to European experience, because we educate medical professionals who will go to European labor market. Members of the Team should also have to disseminate new knowledge and experience, teach colleagues as well as students. Results of their work will also be annually measured under Team's criteria. We 'd like to compare the examples of good practice in chosen areas, give ours and take partners solutions or together find new ones in areas of Team for quality work's which need to be developed.6 participants of job-shadowing activity will be selected based on their experience and success in work for following activities regarding observing areas of teaching process, working in class as teachers and class-masters, monitoring the number of absences, inventing strategies and methods for problem solutions, performing various extra-curricular activities, participating in expert councils for specific subjects etc. They are also highly motivated for improving their competences and skills in all areas relevant both for professional and personal development. Activities are divided as:preparatory lectures about Erasmus + program and KA1 mobility, e-Twining, projects idea, it's objectives and main activities job shadowing activities - monitoring : in classroom (how are lectures structured, does teacher encourage collaborative learning, explain method of evaluation,determine achievement of students' scores and precisely and publicly evaluate students; moderating and classroom management during lectures); class-masters tasks; extracurricular activities - how are students motivated, how often are they occupied with it, how is it related with academic scores in curricular subjects; Team's for quality work and it's roleMethodology used will be as follow: determining the subject and the period of research, selecting partners, making adjustment of existing and development of new materials needed for work, detailed preparation of all the participants and the division of tasks, explained in detail all the individual tasks, data collection, documentation, systematization and processing, comparing the results, the analysis of individual and the overall results, interpretation and publication of resultsProject will show: that the value of education depends on it's staff quality constant improving in all areas. Local impact on region has a big importance because participants of this project are valued members in regional expert councils and they will share experiences with them; the importance of international cooperation in area of self-evaluation of vocational schools; - teachers in EU are an important part of society, in all it's segments.We expect to have a large impact on teachers and society by the promotion of activities and dissemination locally and in national media, on-line and in the nearby schools. Generally, the behavioral changes we want to encourage throughout the project will have positive, long-lasting effects on students, staff, parents and general public at local, regional, national and European level.
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