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International Network of Technical Schools
Start date: Oct 1, 2014, End date: Oct 31, 2016 PROJECT  FINISHED 

Analysis: The Technical sector in Europe is under pressure due to worldwide increasing competition especially the development in the Asian countries as China, Korea and India. On top of this competition, in many countries there’s a lack of good qualified young employees (now and within 6 years) on one hand and at the other hand there are countries were there's a lack of work in the Technical sector due to the crises. Future employees have to be prepared that they will have to move (even abroad) or have to work with collegues from other European countries. At the moment, there is no international network for Technical VET schools to face these challenges and to share information in a sustainable way. Problem Statement: Because of the absence of a sustainable international network, it is difficult for managers and teachers working in Technical VET schools, cooperate in the exchange of students, work placements, development and exchange of curricula and exams, exchange of experience of management, of internships and projects. Because the Technical VET schools in Europe need to prepare their students for a more and more International orientated sector, they also need the input from the European Industry to know about future needs on European level. The partners of this application, recognize this shortcoming and have decided to apply for this project which aims to have, in two years time, an active network called ""Innotecs"" (international network of technical schools). At the end of the project Innotecs exists of at least 24 Technical (VET-) schools in at least 10 countries (inaugural meeting 2015). The projectpartners have a linking pin with initiatives such as Efvet ( , PRAXIS ( and EUHOFA ( These initiatives already have much experience in building and maintaining International networks. The intended network is primary accessible for all levels of employees of technical schools, but there will be a primary focus on 2 target groups: Directors and managers of VET-schools . To stay connected to the needs of the industry, decisionmakers of Technical companies will be involved in a specific way in the project (but will not be member of the network). The consortium that takes the lead to develop this network are recommended institutes with much experience in international projects. The tangible outcome of the project: • The final meeting, which is the inaugural meeting of Innotecs. 28 European VET schools will be members of the network and there will be a sustainable organization to secure future activities within the network. • An e-platform (website) through which (potential) partners can communicate with each other . Technical education for projects, internship and knowledge exchange • Leading European Technical companies will be invited to participate in the conferences and/or projectpartnersmeeting The intangible outcome of the project: • Strengthening of the European Technical Education • Creating a connection between Technical VET and Higher Technical Education . Making the International possibilities in Technical Education more visible The envisaged impact: Innotecs will be the leading Technical network in Europe. Every Technical VET school with international ambitions that wants to learn from other institutes can use the network to realize their ambitions.
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