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Start date: Jun 1, 2016, End date: May 31, 2018 PROJECT  FINISHED 

Maunulan yhteiskoulu and Helsingin matematiikkalukio is a dynamic and international studying environment with over 800 students and 70 teachers in the Secondary and Upper Secondary schools. It is situated eight kilometres north of Helsinki in a traditional suburban area close to Central park.Lower Secondary has different streams comprising of Mathematics, Sports and International Classes. In the International CLasses consisting of 7th to 9th grades and where most students come from multicultural backgrounds ,teaching is completely in English.The Upper Secondary is divided into two streams, the General and Mathematics Upper Secondary. Students' ages vary from 13 years old to 19 years old.The project is designed to help teachers and other personnel at school to attain the objectives in the development areas in the school strategy and syllabus. One of the main strategic areas for the future is the International Classes and the quality of teaching and the support of the English language skills of the teachers in the classes. Teachers need to improve and enhance the competencies of the language teaching in all classes. The school strategy includes improvement of teachers' ICT-skills to give them better competences to produce and use digital teaching material. The school needs to be fully prepared for the new teaching methods in the New National Curriculum 2016, and obtain practise of the Phenomen-Based teaching method. The school has been involved in international projects for many years. The need is to get new ideas for projects and forums to co-operate with other schools internationally.In the project 11 teachers teaching a variety of subjects will take part in cultural, language and ICT- training courses. The project lasts for 2 years and it will have a great impact on the teaching, students and the whole staff including the stakeholders connected with the school community. The training courses last from one week to two weeks and they take place in different European countries, in Ireland, in the UK, in France, in Italy, in Portugal, in Malta and in Iceland. Teachers participating in the courses come from both the Lower Secondary and Upper Secondary schools. The group consists of English and French language teachers , Arts teacher, HomeEc. teacher, Sports teacher, Study Guidance teacher, Religion and Philosophy teacher and Finnish Language and Literature teacher. Among the teachers there are Deputy Principal of the Upper Secondary School, the Head Teacher of the Internationla Classes and members of the Management Group and Pedagogical Groups.The training courses will contribute to the needs of ithe school's development areas.The aim and purpose of the project is to enhance the English language skills of the teachers in the International Classes, to provide them with a multicultural experience and the possibility to tie contacts with colleagues from Europe.The project goal is to give language teachers more training and knowledege of the latest methods and digital materials used in language teaching as well as updating their language skills in the target language. The training courses will also give insight into the new teaching methods that will be introduced in the New Curriculum 2016, especially the Phenomen-Based learning.Additionally its objective to improve and upgrade the ICT-skills of the teachers, so that they are more confident in using and producing digital teaching material for students. It also aims to provide the teachers with a mullticultural experience and enhance their intercultural competences and cultural awareness. Participation in the training activities aims to increase and spread the European Dimension at school. The impact of this project can be seen immediately after the training courses, but it also has long-term effects. Teachers in the International Classes will feel more confident in the multicultural teaching environment. They will have better English skills that will contribute to better communication and class management . All teachers will have learned new methods to teach, they have new ideas and access to digital studying material and they can introduce more variety and new topics in their teaching. Teachers' ICT skills will have improved and this will have even more importance in the future due to transition to digital teaching . Teachers will be able to better contribute to planning of the new curriculum at school level, since they have received ideas and knowledge about new teaching methods . Teachers' cultural and intercultural awareness have increased and it will help them in their daily school work and in the future. The whole project will have increased the European Dimension at school among all teachers, students, parents and other stakeholders through the experiences and knowledge that teachers have attained in different European countries. .
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