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International Cooperation for School Leadership
Start date: Feb 1, 2011,

Among countries (Austria, Czech Republic, Hungary, Slovakia and Slovenia) involved in the Central European Cooperation for Education an international project was implemented between January 1st 2008 and 31 May, 2009 with the title The Role of School Leadership in Creating a Learning Environment that is Conducive to Effective Learning with Special Regard to the Improvement of the Quality of Teacher Activity. The aim was to develop a regional synthesis document on the results of country reports prepared by experts from the participating countries. The project was based on the OECD report related to the effect of school leadership on the efficiency of learning (Leadership for Learning). The synthesis report identifies regional conclusions and policy recommendations for decision makers. Based on the project results reached so far, partner countries decided to continue their cooperation. The country reports show that no comprehensive competency standards with special regards to key competences exist in the given countries for defining basic competencies important for efficient school leadership, which is a great deficiency. Therefore, in 2010 the same countries continued their cooperation from an EACEA/ECET grant - Reg. nr: 2009-5125 (167257-LLP-2009-HU-KA1-ECETB) - with the title LLL-Strategies - focus on Leadership in order to set up competency standards for effective school leaders. In 2011-2012 the same countries decided to continue their cooperation based on the effective partnership, work experiences and efficient results of the cooperation. This year a 6th partner is involved from a best-performing country in order to show relevant examples of effective school leadership practices and related policies moreover, to provide a peer-review on the issue to partner countries from the Central European Region.The planned project intends to reach the following goals: - exchange of selected good practices among countries in school leadership,- peer-review on international processes among partners from the region from a best-performing country, - selection of a topic from the competency framework developed in 2010 and its integration to the - school leadership-related - training programmes of the given partner institution/organization, - dissemination of the competency framework developed in the 2010 project on both policy and practice level in order to integrate the results in the school system of the given countries, - different methods to be developed by the partners for the assessment of competencies.The planned results are the following: partners will exchange views and learn from each other through PLAs and international workshops to be held in different countries and disseminate the competency framework developed together. Peer review will be given to regional processes from external Swedish experts in order to improve school leadership-related policy processes in the region.
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