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International Accreditation of Engineering Studies

The project aims at improving engineering education in RS and EG through quality control procedures and external accreditation. This will be done by providing quality a assurance model for all technical universities in the region, the development of knowledge based economy by improvement of human resources and by forming the basis of integration of the region’s universities into the EU family of higher education institutions. The specific objectives are: "The overall objective of this project is to enhance the quality and relevance of higher education in engineering area in partner countries and to reach the integration of partner country universities into the European university system by international accreditation of engineering studies. Strictly aiming to fulfill defined priorities for partner countries (both national and programme-wide, identical priorities numbered 1, 2 and 3), the project has an overall combined objective:Governance reform (University management and student services) where EU established standards for institution excellence are to be introduced in at least one partner country allowing for international accreditation of such an organized institution. It is to be expected that institutional current management system is to be substantially improved, as well student organization and services, especially towards international recognition and integration in uniform EU education area. "

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