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Internacionalizando el Ramón y Cajal.
Start date: 01 Jul 2016, End date: 30 Jun 2018 PROJECT  FINISHED 

Our school is located in the city of Murcia, it serves 1400 students and has a permanent staff of 110 teachers. It is a secondary school offering also a wide range of Vocational Technical programmes and we are currently immersed in a process of internationalisation of the school as a whole. We have a Bilingual Programme running in Secondary Education and we want to expand this programme to some Vocational Technical fields,. At the same time, our students host foreign students regularly thanks to the Erasmus + projects we are working on, and in the last two years we have offered to some of our VoTech students the possibility of an internship in other European countries. We want to continue to develop this international perspective of education, and we have established that the proper training of the staff working at the school has a paramount importance to achieve this goal. A total of eight teachers have been selected to participate in this project, two English teachers, one secondary maths teacher and five teachers working in different VoTech programmes. The selection of these teachers is only an example of the transversality our project, staff working on different stages and teaching different areas are compromised with a common goal.These teachers will participate in different training courses, all of them run in English and in English speaking countries. These training activities vary from learning methodological strategies to teach a foreign language, or integrating this language in the clasrroom, to the development of linguistic and communicative skills in English. The development of these training courses will be monitored and followed up by the rest of the team, and finally by the school administrators, since several indicators and strategies to control the correct development of the activities will be implemented. We expect that some teachers who are not licensed to teach in bilingual classes will obtain their certifications, that will be a milestone for the implementation of the Biligual Programmes in the VoTech and upper secondary stages. We also aim to continue to participate in more Erasmus + projects and to continue to get internships for our students in other countries of the EU. The success of all these activities will have a clear impact in the possibilities we offer to the students of our community. Having reached these goals, we will spread the word in our visits to our feeder schools and will advertise these programmes as the most important assets of our school. We will take part in dissemination meetings of European Programmes that the Teacher Training Centre of our region may organize.The impact this project may have in our school is a long term one, the implementation of bilingual programmes in several stages and the development of a partnership network to provide internships or intercultural exchanges to our students is something that may benefit the school for many years to come.
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