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Internacionalizáciou vzdelávania k zvýšeniu jeho kvality
Start date: Jun 1, 2015, End date: May 31, 2017 PROJECT  FINISHED 

The aim of the project is to fulfil the vision of the school, which is based on openness, modernization and internationalization of the educational process, which should result in satisfied graduates, applicable to the labour market in their field in the Slovak Republic, but also abroad. Implementation of international mobility and creating of partnerships with potential employers in the European Union is an effective means for achieving the objectives of the resolutions. The main objectives of the project are: a, to organize internships for students of the school of the specialization medical care assistant (ZA) and masseur (MAS). The total number of participants in the project is 10, 4 of which are the 3rd year students of the specialization ZA and 4 students from the specialization of MAS and 2 accompanying persons. b, to allow participants to: b1, to implement in practice their knowledge and skills acquired in the theoretical and practical education at school and in teaching workplaces back in Slovakia, in an unfamiliar environment abroad b2, to develop expertise and core competencies (described in the State Educational Programme and School EP for ZA and MAS issued by the Health Department and the school published on the school website) b3, to promote independence, ability to integrate into the team, to understand the technical ú/ professional language being used in Czech language, c, establish new partnerships with organizations relevant to medical education in the specializations ZA and MAS d, get feedback of the quality of school education in the specializations ZA and MAS e, to gain experience with ECVET certification. The main activities of the project are: communication with project partners; planning of work programmes of the participants of the internship, to get familiar with the certification system ECVET - participation in seminars, application of the certification ECVET to the evaluation of the results of the internship; preparation and implementation of professional, cultural and language training of the participants; implementation of mobility; monitoring of the internships; evaluation of the results of internships, internship certification of the participants, dissemination of project results. Description of the turns of the internships: the duration of the internships: two weeks each 1. turn - Internship in The Hospice of Agnes of Bohemia in Červený Kostelec, the Czech Republic, Regional Charity Červený Kostelec - 4 students of the specialization ZA + 1 accompanying person; date June 2016. 2. turn - Internship in the company “Healing Spa and Mariánske Lázně, a.s, Czech republic - 4 students of the specialization MAS + 1 accompanying person; date July 2016. The aim of internships for the specialization ZA is to become familiar with the system of the hospice care - equipment specifications, palliative treatment, to participate in nursing care in the hospice - team work, meeting the bio-psycho-social needs of the clients, communication with clients and with relatives of the clients . The aim of the internship for the specialization MAS is to become familiar with the system of work in a large spa company, with a diverse international and multicultural clientele. Attention will be focused on the topics: Protective treatment regime of the workplace, hygiene and disinfection principles of the workplace, professional communication (within in a team and with clients), keeping documentation, application of classical, reflection massages, and manual and instrumental lymphatic drainage, hydrotherapy, thermotherapy, balneotherapy, phototherapy, sauna, doing exercises in the pool, inhalation of mineral waters, drinking cure, oxygen therapy, cryosauna, salt cave , acupuncture, moor compressing, Mary´s gas, underwater massage, pearl and whirlpool bath , Scottish showers . Project Outcomes a, realized internships for 10 participants, of them 8 students and 2 accompanying persons; b, linguistic, cultural, and expert training of the participants; c, gained professional work experience, knowledge and skills - processed in a presentation presented at the discussion meeting at school, at training seminars within secondary vocational medical schools across the Slovak Republic; d, new cooperation having been raised with two organizations - potential employers in the Czech Republic; e, to get familiar with the ECVET certification system; f, published articles informing on the results obtained in the school magazine and regional press; Impact: a, improving the quality of the educational process at school – improving the quality of the graduates and thus improving the health workers who find their application in Slovakia and abroad; b, improving practical training at school; c, increasing motivation of the students and teaching staff of the school; d, continuing of the trend of internationalization and modernization processes in school.
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