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Start date: Jun 1, 2016, End date: Jun 30, 2017 PROJECT  FINISHED 

The Jose María Cruz Novillo School of Art is a state educational center which offers, amongst others, a two-year program of Intermediate Professional Training in Artistic Silk Screen Printing.The sillabus for these studies was drawn up in 1996 and it has not been updated so far. The syllabus stipulates an amount of 25 hours of internship at private companies, a goal difficult to be achieved within our province and, consequently, it has become a burocratic issue rather than an actual training opportunity for students.On the other hand, the students who enrol in this courses come from different backgrounds and interests. Some of them do not have the GCSE and their main reason for entering the school is the possibility to get an official certification. However, we also have students who count on a professional career and who want to learn about printing techniques. The latter are not usually interested in achieving any certification although they show an interest in the lessons and interact with the rest of students. We also have a large number of graduates in Fine Arts and in other Intermediate or Higher Professional Training Courses who try to access the professional world as professional silk screen printing technicians.The professional artistic education offers a universal language which makes possible the settlement of international projects for the benefit of all the citizens involved in them. In this sense, the internationalization of our education is a key aspect to succeed in the educational excellence.One of the goals of this project is the possibility to offer a quality education to students, by means of three-month internship contracts so that they can consolidate the knowledge acquired in the school. The diverse companies are selected by the organization according to specific criteria. They must have a novel entrepreneurial or cultural activity related to silk screen printing practices and/or to art editing and they must be able to present our students with a wide range of implementations of the different techniques and different abilities acquired by the students’ professional training.It is also a goal to ensure the school collaboration in artistic projects abroad in order to support the internationalization of our center, as it has been the case for several years Last but not least, we aim to contribute to the students’ improvement in foreign languages competences as well as the social interaction abilities of the younger ones. We have always considered the fact of working together with different centres in foreign countries as an enriching experience, warmly welcomed by the students, as it means an invaluable opportunity for them to learn about new methodologies within the classroom As long as the students internships take place, a monitoring will be carried out by the teacher in charge together with the contact person in the target country throughout a fluent communication via e-mail and Skype video-conferences.As for the staying conditions, we expect to strengthen the relations with the host partner and, depending on the results, new joint projects will be planned in the coming years, including an invitation to one of the professionals from the host partners to visit our school. This proposal will be regularised in the 2017 call.This project is aimed at all those students who intend to settle down as professionals in the local work market. We want to train editing professionals who may establish their businesses in our province in order to take back to the art edition activity which always exisited in Cuenca, a tradition about which the city’s Museums collections speak so well.
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