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Start date: Nov 1, 2011,

Over the last two decades, the notion of Intercomprehension (IC) has been developed by a great number of international teams. A wide range of learning materials has been produced so far in the context of several European projects. Nevertheless, in the case of formal education, IC is still almost unknown and existing materials are not commonly used. One of the potential fields to which IC strategies are applicable is the maritime one. Work at sea includes frequent contacts with people speaking different languages and coming from diverse cultures, either on-board or ashore. Communication is ensured by the use of both general and specialized English (SMCP, as well as VHF procedures accepted worldwide). Yet, double synergies may be developed between the learning of Maritime English and the construction of IC competences paving the way to learning other languages through IC specific activities and tasks. This will lead to improved communication and safety on-board. The aim of the Intermar project is to create a European community of maritime and naval institutions that share an IC approach to foreign languages. It will start from the already existing materials but build new adapted products to create an effective course tool box, available online on a learning platform. On this platform, teachers and learners will find custom-designed modules for IC and Maritime English, containing learning materials, concrete scripts for collaborative tasks and assessment tools. The project will implement blended courses in the participating maritime and naval academies where these tools will be used and tested. Full dissemination of the results will promote the use of the "module tool box" in formal contexts of maritime training. The Intermar project will thus promote innovative practices in foreign language acquisition for maritime professionals in Europe, in the context of initial or in-service training activities offered to navy personnel and seafarers.
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