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Intergenerational Learning Partnership Over 55
Start date: Sep 1, 2014, End date: Aug 31, 2017 PROJECT  FINISHED 

Context The Lisbon Strategy of March 2000, takes note of the relationship between demographic factors, employment and economic growth in the European countries. The ageing population in Europe is associated with profound structural changes in the economy and labor market. To overcome the unemployment crisis, begun in the early 80's, many European countries have used early retirement as a tool that has brought hundreds of thousands of workers over 55 at the exit from the labour market. In particular, the European banking sector was heavily affected by these processes, starting from the mid 90's. To improve the employability of the over 55 workers, the focus should be both on promoting training measures for older unemployed and employed individuals, directly linked to specific jobs. Project aim and objectives The aim of this project is to create an Intergenerational Learning Partnership - ILPO55 (involving education & training providers, employers and employees) that will support the employability and will reduce the skills mismatch of the over 55 employees from the Financial Services Sector (FSS), and also new/existing employees. The project will set-up the ILPO55 Reference Framework which will address the over 55 individual needs with a 360° perspective: a. analyse education & training and work experiences; b. assess individual competencies (knowledge, skills and competencies); c. identify personal and professional objectives (e.g. Professional Consultant); d. support over 55 individuals in planning their future career/work experiences; give advice regarding the existing opportunities for e. validation of competencies and recognition of prior learning; f. provide support for further education and training of the over 55 individuals (based on the training needs identified in relation to the personal and professional career development objectives). Moreover, the project aspires at creating two professional qualifications (Adult Trainer and Social Responsibility Facilitator) and training programmes that can be valorised by the over 55 both within the FSS and in other business sectors). Partnership The project brings together 10 partners from 6 European countries, forming a transnational cooperation partnership with a balanced regional geographical representation of the Erasmus+ area and with qualitative representation for Malta. Moreover, the project is highly supported by the European Banking Federation. Methodological approach and key outputs Since the very beginning of the project partners will define the concrete methodological strategies and approaches for managing the evaluation process during the lifetime of the project. The consortium will design and launch the project official website. Then, Partners will identify existing needs and gaps in the field of age management and intergenerational cooperation and will collect and analyse examples of good practices in the field. The next step will be to define the Courses curricula for the two ILPO55 Qualifications (Adult Trainer and Social Responsibility Facilitator). Partners will develop the ILPO55 Reference Framework, for developing methods and tools for competence evaluation and designing methodologies for supporting the professional development. The results will be piloted and validated during the project piloting phase and will be tuned at the end of the project, made available online, on the website. These results will be included in the final publication of the Project and will be further exploited with open licence. Impact and long term benefits The project results will be disseminated in the Partner countries (Malta, Italy, The Netherlands, Spain and Romania). In addition, Partners will also advertise them at international level, valorizing Partners' Networks and collaborationist the beginning of the project Partners will agree on the dissemination and exploitation concrete plan. This will include definitions, information and guidelines about. The main key project result will be made available to the public through the project website and also using Partners' websites and communications channels (Magazines, Newsletters, learning ICT eco-systems). Moreover, the Reference Framework, the two Qualifications, the description of course curricula, assessment procedure and training programmes will also be included in the Final Project Publication that will be distributed through ICT channels to the most relevant national and European stakeholders. The goal for the partnership is to be able to use the materials within their own activities and to promote its usage within their networks (at national and European level). At the end of the project, the partners will sign a ILPO55 Common Declaration whereby they will declare their support and determination to implement the ILPO55 Reference Framework in their activities regarding age management and intergenerational cooperation in the FSS.
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