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Interdisciplinary structure reformation and innovative higher education for new professions
Start date: Oct 15, 2012,

We choose the subject area quality and evaluation of education, although this topic doesn`t backed all aspects of the project. The project mainly focuses on the development of a Masters Programme for Education in health systems. Also the extension of capabilities of Universities and Ministries should be improved the ability for employability of graduates as well as to strengthen the interdisciplinary and trans-disciplinary cooperation. This shall be carried out through development of necessary conditions, a regulation for professionals at country level, a regulation for the professionals and work profiles, in order to involve university graduates in the labor market. Within the project this working group will issue a working plan, which will determine how to proceed with development of new study programmes and their necessary conditions in the profession.a) This project strengthens and expands the capacity for cooperation and international relationship. The cooperation between universities and ministries creates a new link between university and working environment and strengthens the dimension of public-private partnership. In addition, the adaptation of an accredited study programme from Germany contributes the development of quality of study programmes in health system.b) New developed structure should ensure the transfer of knowledge. It should also lead to unified structure for necessary conditions such as rules for professions, occupational and job profiles which could be applied to other new professional fields in long term. The adaptation of a Masters study programme “Education in health system” chosen as exemplar, also represents a contribution on content modernization for health system in university. A new profession field in health system will be built and established, at the same time, resulting in two profiles, that on pedagogical profile at public higher education institution, and on managerial profile at private higher education institution.
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