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Intercultural learning

Youth work organisations from Luxembourg, Germany, France, Liechtenstein and the German-speaking community of Belgium got together and developed an intercultural learning programme that diff erent countries will take turns implementing. The young volunteers who take part in the programme are given the opportunity to learn about diversity and diff erently-minded people in Europe, while getting in touch with their own cultural identity. Contributors to the programme described “intercultural” as a common, constructive eff ort taking place in a heterogenic group, where three diff erent elements work together: • Development and the gradual adaptation of an individual’s identity through challenges faced in an intercultural context; • Analysis of the similarities and diff erences between diff erent groups and individuals in terms of collaboration and confl ict; • “Meta-communication” through interaction, i.e. working together to analyse diff erent outcomes brought about by diff erent situations of communication. For example, examining misunderstandings and confl ict, or development and cooperation schemes. Participants acquired methods and techniques they can use to develop a transnational exchange project, which will be accredited as a subsequent concomitant traineeship. The project greatly impacted the youth, both personally and professionally, as they became more active in intercultural youth work and more open and tolerant in their daily actions.
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  • Youth\Youth in action (2007-2013)\Youth Support Systems\Training and networking of those active in youth work and youth organisations
  • Project on ERASMUS Platform