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Intercultural Discussion in the European Area
Start date: May 18, 2016, End date: Sep 17, 2016 PROJECT  FINISHED 

IDEA is promoted by the Municipality of Casapulla, whose territory has been hosting over the last few years an increasing flow of incoming migrants. These have established their home there and contribute to the development of the area, but disappointingly they live and work in very failing conditions, which preclude them a decent life, too often leading them to commit illegal activities, and ostracize them as social outcast. All this hinders their real integration, and develops social conflicts and bias. Moreover the current European debate on the possible suspension of the Schengen Treaty and on the borders’ closing is overall embittering the situation.IDEA represents the opportunity for Casapulla’s Municipality to foster the intercultural dialogue and to support the discussion on the benefits of multi-ethnic societies. Particularly this project wants to promote social inclusion, solidarity, tolerance, respect for cultural diversities and active citizenship. Furthermore it is going to create exchange of views, which will help young people to identify both their common values and their differences, enhancing their awareness and social identity to the European family. Likewise this project intends to strengthen the learning mobility opportunities for young people, aiming to foster their non-formal learning and their participation to decision-making and political processes. Finally the Applicant expects to stimulate the interregional and transnational co-operation of several stakeholders working on the territory in the field of youth (non profit organisations, civil society) in order to increase the international dimension of youth activities. IDEA will involve 35 young people (7 for each partner country) coming from 5 different European countries (Italy, Spain, Lithuania, Poland, and France). Participants will be aged between 18 and 25. Each partner organisation will select their participants according to their study curricula, among motivated high school graduates and university students, longing to contribute to the project’s topics. For this reason each partner will propose at least one participant, who holds a different national origin from the country where he/she is living, thus representing an example of second generation or naturalized migrants. This way they can be witnesses of the migration history of their families and accomplish “an exchange in the exchange”. The selection of the participants will favour applicants from isolated territories featuring poor economical potential, and will respect gender equal representation. The youth exchange will last 9 days (from July 14th to 22nd, 2016) and will inspire the “peer to peer” dialogue, and foster an open discussion on different integration experiences and histories by the use of non-formal and informal education methods and techniques.Activities will include the presentation of participants and of their sending organisations; the demonstration and discussion on integration models; storytelling about personal experiences; analyses of critical points and benefits of multi-ethnic societies during team work and role play; the production of lyrics/rhymes/songs summarizing the discussed issues; the organisation of a flash-mob (human multi-ethnic chain, Ring a Ring o’Roses). The synthesis of the activities will be the accomplishment and the performance of a flash-mob, where all participants, with the co-operation of other young people of the territory of Casapulla, will express their idea of an intercultural society. The flash-mob will be recorded in a video, which will be used by each partner organisation to disseminate the project’s results through the media. It will be a tool designed to raise awareness in the new generations to the IDEA that only through interaction and in the respect of differences it will be possible to build a multi-ethnic society, where the intercultural enrichment can determine the growth and the well being of territories.The exchange with young people, coming form different countries, will let everybody identify new perspectives and ways to live, and develop critical thinking, tearing down bias and adding value to the common aspects. While growing in the awareness to be part of a wider reality, young people will unconsciously spread this knowledge in all fields, where they will be involved and become thorough and active citizens of future Europe.The engagement of other actors from the territory (parishes, youth organisations, interest groups, decision makers) in IDEA will strengthen the co-operation and the synergy among the different powers (public, private and no profit organisations) and develop future projects within the field of youth. The participation to international networks will enable organizations to catch innovative methods and to share best practice models, contributing to foster the cultural development on their territories and to enhance the European citizenship identity.
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