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Intercultural Dialogue for a better Europe
Start date: Feb 1, 2015, End date: Aug 31, 2015 PROJECT  FINISHED 

“Intercultural Dialogue for a better Europe” is a bilateral youth exchange on cultural diversity whose aim is to get together young people from Estonia and Cyprus, who have various social, cultural and ethno-racial background and provide them with social tools and skills by that helping them to raise the awareness for their cultural diverse surroundings, to find out and understand the differences as well as to be proud to accept their cultural and personal identity that will lead to achieving personal, social and professional development. In this project we will discuss about the culture, gender equality, the ethics, the education system, the music, the traditional dances of both of the partner groups. We will have lectures, team games, workshops and discussion about all the unique cultures that are included under Europe . We are going to make activities with the aim of knowing Europe : quiz, building maps, sport games, round table, open discussions, presenting traditional histories, workshops and outdoor activities. We will have a special day about mixing cultures and combine people from different background. The main topic of our exchange is discovering cultures and learn new ethics, arts and traditions. During the project we will try to build bridges between the European Youth and we will promote the volunteering and the values of our common future in Europe. Also during the project we will organize intercultural nights where all the partner groups will present their country, their culture, traditional foods, drinks, music and dances. The main objectives of this project is to raise awareness of one’s own identity and culture; with the project we want to mix different cultures and cross borders to other traditions, languages and mentalities by involving actively with group members from partner country. One important part will furthermore be the addressing of prejudice in all kinds of situations and how to fight it. Through activities including group work, outdoor activities, interactive lectures, quizzes, games and workshops, the participants will find out more about the factors that may separate us (like nationality, mentality, sexual orientation, background, etc.) and learn how to benefit from this diversity instead of seeing them as obstacles. By getting in touch with the other participants, they will broaden their horizons and improve mutual understanding within Europe. Given the importance of making people realize that we are all members of a large family called Europe, we intend to contribute to making young people aware of their European citizenship. Basic purpose of our project is to promote cultural diversity by developing intercultural learning. We aim to understand the lifestyle and social background of partner country by looking into the problems and the way of life of youngsters. The project seeks the diversity of ideas, opinions, ethical awareness, and cultural differences of the participants in a unique framework of experience and activities. We shall look for similarities and differences between us. We also aim to familiarise ourselves with each other’s culture, to learn about the educational system in partner country and acquire new experiences and cultural knowledge, eg we are very interested to get to know how young people spend their leisure time. Our activities shall include seminars and working groups related to art, culture and education. Those activities involve discussions, workshops, lectures and evaluation in order to create a strong interaction between the youngsters of the 2 participant countries.

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