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Intercultural Competencies Program (ICP) für Auszubildende
Start date: Dec 1, 2014, End date: Nov 30, 2016 PROJECT  FINISHED 

Airbus is an international aviation company, formed and founded in 1970 out of a consortium of different aviation companies from Germany, France, UK and Spain. Nowadays, being part of the Airbus Group (former EADS), it is one of the most successful aircraft producers worldwide. Therefore, it is not surprising that one global goal of Airbus is to foster an "open-door" culture and diversity, to create a performance-driven and motivating work environment, which is determined by respect and fairness in which each and every single employee can contribute his or her part to the success of the company. Within the Airbus Group there are around 80 different nations speaking more than 20 different languages - this is what "truly international" means. The international competencies program (ICP) is especially focusing on cultural diversity by targetting apprentices from all four Airbus locations. This diversity, as well as the exchange between cultures and languages is encouraged through cross-cultural team activities. For more than 10 years now, Airbus has been sending abroad more than 40 apprentices per year in order to complete parts of their apprenticeship at one of our partner sites. The target group for this program is huge, ranging from aircraft mechanics over electronic technicians and material testers towards process engineers for composite materials. The ICP is organized into three steps. Step 1 is the so called Basic, which is a one-day seminar on culture and intercultural competence. Step II is a one- to two week team event either in Germany, France or UK and Step 3, "Learning Abroad" is the very final step that provides apprentices with the opportunity to spend part of their formation abroad. Thanks to the strong cooperation between the ICP Focal Points, nationally as well as transnationally, a smooth project management and clearly defined work packages for all people involved can be guaranteed. This is, among others, the result of years of experience in the exchange of young adults. On the long-run, it is the ICP's goal to prepare all Airbus employees as best as possible for the increasing internationalization of markets and the growth of cross-border relationships as well as for the requirements, that are needed when working in a transnational company such as Airbus. The intercultural competencies program is therefore, a crucial component of the vision for the upcoming years and decades and is one essential part of Vocational Training that will keep Airbus one step ahead of competition. We prepare our apprentices today for the challenges of tomorrow in order to remain the number one aircraft producer in the world.
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