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Intercultural Collaboration and Learning Experience
Start date: Aug 1, 2015, End date: Jan 31, 2016 PROJECT  FINISHED 

Applying organisation with partners have reached the conclusion that youngsters aren’t very familiar with different cultures and often they believe the stereotypes they find from Internet. Since our society is developing fastly and we have to cooperate on International level more and more, we think it is important to support intercultural and tolerance knowledge growth. In our everyday-lives we often meet with stereotypes, for example representers of some religioon or nation are agressive, slow or rude (for example that Turkish people are slow and undereducated, Spanish people are loud and bad at timing, Romanians know everything about vampiires or that French people only eat white bread, muslims are agressive etc). Lots of young people believe what they see or read from the Internet because they have never had the contact with people from different culture. This is the reason for not knowing how people with different cultural and/or religious backround really behave. Project „Intercultural Cooperation and Learning Experience“ focuses on International cultural learning and cooperation. Main aims are: - thorough cultural exchange and learning, analysing and breaking stereotypes, developing tolerance. - improving attitudes to others and differences we all have. Giving up the stereotypes and developing understaning, tolerance and benevolence. We include young people with fewer opportunities to acknowledge to others what kind of problems their coevals face every day. Through that we will widen their attitude about the world and support them to communicate with diferent people, no matter what is their background, because in the end we are all equal and we deserve equal treatmend. - developing International cooperation and teamwork-skills. During the project activities participants will work in International groups so they will improve their teamwork-skills besides with tolerance and self-expression skills. In this youth Exchange project there will be 36 participants from six countries (Estonia, Turkey, Romania, Poland, Spain nad France). Participants are aged 18-26 years and six of them will be group leaders. We will include 14 youngsters with fewer opportunities. The applying organisation is in heavy contact with the partners. All the group leaders took part of the process of creating the daily program. The applying orgasnisation focuses on the contentment of the partners, giving them an opportunity to organise, carry out and influence the activities of the project. In addition to that, the applying organisation provides advice and necessary information. Though-out the project, the aim of the project is emphasised. By the end of the project participants will prepare a video how and through what kind of activities youngsters developed their cultural knowledges and tolerance. After the project youngsters are more tolerant and open-minded to communicate and work with diferent people. Since there are several workshops and group exercises through-out the project, then the participants have an excellent opportunity to work together and communicate with the youth with different background. This will both expand their knowledge of other cultures and enhance the chances of future collaboration.
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