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Start date: Jan 16, 2015, End date: Oct 16, 2015 PROJECT  FINISHED 

The Youth Department of the Terrassa City Council has a programme in 15 secondary schools where takes place a lot of informative activities related to the promotion and participation. This programme detected that most of young people who were doing volunteering in their centres (class representatives, committee of activities, mediators ...), once they ended the stage of education and completed their volunteering period, do not get involved or engaged as active citizens in their city, despite having a great potential. The proposal of the project was created by a group of youngsters with this profile in July 2014. Thus was born the idea of doing an analysis on the participation of young people in the city, and thus know where, how and in what way youth can participate . Moreover, the idea of sharing the experience with youngsters of 3 more countries enrich the action considering that allows the exchanging of experiences and looking for similarities, new ideas and a more comprehensive view of how young people are involved in other European cities. In total there will be 32 young participants from 4 countries-Italy, France, Romania and Spain- and 4 assistants. The project is aimed at young people between 17 and 23 years old, with the same number of boys and girls and in different socio-economic realities. This project aims to work the participation from an holistic point of view, with the idea that the best way to learn to participate and be organized is through the practice. The methodology of all activities will be the experiential learning and to be effective youth have to be the protagonists of each stage of the process. Not just attendees of the activities but also contributing to the design and evaluation of each project activity. Learning happens when the youngster gets involved and actively participates in the action, reflects on what happened critically, draws conclusions and incorporates lessons learned through a change in their thinking or behaviour from that time. In the pre-exchange, youngsters will have to do a field study, discovering entities and associations. They will know, participate and collaborate in partnerships and from their experience they will develop a video of 10 minutes with reflections on how they see the associations of their city and how young people participate in it. The video of each country will be displayed in a public activity during the exchange. In parallel, training capsules will be made to participants on linguistic aspects on Information Technologies and a Facebook page will be open to facilitate interaction between them. To ensure that the work in different countries are similar, contacts will be hold between the 3 groups regularly via skype and they will elaborate shared documents through Google Drive. In the implementation phase of the exchange, young people will do activities to discover the environment, and exchange of information on the different countries and cultures. - Ponte las pilas / Energizer: Activity to wake up with good mood the rest of the participants, it takes about 20 minutes and can be an aerobic activity, a dance, a game of clues... -Mode On: 5 workshops with organizations on social issues, cultural, adapted sports, youth and children. We will make practical workshops led by members of the association and will collaborate with some local organizations in the development of an activity. - Cómete el Coco/ Rack Your Brain: These are activities that lead to reflection and debate on youth participation or assessment activity. - A workshop will be organized as well, intercultural activities (dinner and evening activity), activities of group cohesion and teamwork... During the exchange, there will also be done a video about the feelings and emotions of young people, which will be displayed the last night. The evaluation of the exchange will be continued, it will be done the 4th day and at the end. Back, dissemination actions of Intercities Mode On project will be done and YOUTHPASS will be provided to young people. With the edited audio-visual material (videos made before and during the exchange), there will be promotion in schools of all project participants (about 30), in the associations which have collaborated (over 20), with the double goal to encourage more young people to participate in European projects and to let them know the associations network of their city and how young people in different parts of Europe are active. Young people themselves tell their experience and will be posted on YouTube and Facebook. For youngsters takes part of Intercities Mode On means an opportunity to discover what Europe can do for them. Moreover young people will learn about other cultures and ways of working. All this experience will change these youngsters, they will be more civic and respectful people and europeans citizens.

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