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Intercambio de materiales, experiencias pedagógicas y metodologías entre centros con Bachilleratos Internacionales
Start date: 01 Sep 2014, End date: 31 Aug 2016 PROJECT  FINISHED 

This is a project of two schools with similar features. On the one hand, the French school, the Lycée Ronarc'h Amiral , has had an International Spanish Section for years and has always prepared students for Spanish studies. On the other hand, the Spanish school, IES Blas Infante, has just joined the group of Spanish schools offering Bachibac, the French Baccalaureate. The relationship between the two schools is intense as at the moment we are taking part in the same Comenius Multilateral project, which delas with study the heritage of both regions. We have also carried out two school exchanges and besides, last academic year 11 students from each school attended lessons for a month in the other school We are also planning reciprocal mobility of teachers from both schools (shadowing) for 15 days. Due to methodological changes derived from the implementation of Bachibac in some subjects, we have realized we need to foster the exchange of material, methodologies and educational experiences and to help our students to achieve excellence in the target language by means of long exchanges (61 days) . This will involve coordinated study and reflection on the different school programmes, focusing on the methodology used in the subjects which will have official exams in order to get qualifications in both countries. It will also increase the cooperation of schools when exchanging tests, exams and all kind of materials and it will definitely develop students’ language skills and general education. During the exchange visits carried out in February and March, teachers of the same subjects in both countries have met and set up guidelines for the exchange of materials. Both schools have agreed the dates, number and level of students taking part in the exchange programme. Expecting this project will be approved, we have begun to consider the contents of the materials in both schools in order to get a Learning Agreement for these students. The teachers participating in this project are responsible for the specific subjects of both sections. They are Spanish language and literature, French Language and Literature and History of France in the Spanish school, and French Language, Spanish Literature , Spanish and History of Spain in the French school. Regarding students, 5 students from each school will exchange every year (in total, 20 mobilities,) they will be chosen out of the students in the multilingual / Bachibac section in Spain and the Spanish International section in France. It is a reciprocal exchange between students in two schools but they don’t exchange simultaneously to allow greater contact between the participating students . These students will attend lessons and take part in all the activities organized by the host school. Relations between all the staff will allow intercultural enrichment. Contact with families and their contexts will be a dynamic element in the community and in the neighborhood. As for exchanging materials, methodologies and educational experiences among teachers in both countries, there will be a permanent exchange through an e-twinning platform, a space created to upload these materials, whose main objective will be to help our students to achieve excellence in the target language. We think long-term mobility is essential to achieve our goals and it will obviously improve students’ foreign language skills, intercultural competence, interpersonal values, their ability to adapt to new environments. Students will increase values of recognition and understanding of European cultures and, above all, it will become a greater motivation for studies. The greatest impact of this activity will be made by obtaining DELF B2 and C1 DELE diplomas (issued by the French and Spanish Ministries) We believe that this project represents a step of cooperation between our schools working together, it will build up the communication between us and help to develop other actions, such as an exchange of teacher for training, monitoring visits and study, etc. This project doesn’t need any management assistance except for the expenses derived from students’ journeys and a small grant of 250€ so that each school can pay for the photocopies, postal mailing, etc that may occur.
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