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The InterActs Learning Partnership will undertake to 1. produce digital audio/video resources in a minimum of six languages to support adult language learners at beginner to intermediate levels2. share existing resources and good practice The resources will ultimately be used in the classroom and/or to deliver online support to adult language learners. The digital resources will be created in four stages:1. identification of common topics/themes and related vocabulary and phrases2. role-play writing3. role-play recordings4. CD creation and uploading onto partner organisations’ intranets/VLE/websitesAlthough some resources exist on the internet and in CD format to support language-learning, they do not meet all the needs of learners: to acquire a language, adult learners need resources which are closely matched to what they learn in class; they need a lot of repetition to acquire and retain language, but at the same time they need variety and stimulation to sustain motivation.By creating a variety of resources which closely match course content, we will enhance and hasten the learning process. The availability of these resources online will support learners who may have to miss class for a variety of reasons as well as providing revision and reinforcement for all learners.
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