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Interactive teaching materials across culture and technology
Start date: Dec 1, 2012,

The project addresses the secondary schools' need for reliable interactive materials which can be used in science, mathematics and social science classrooms in bilingual educational settings. Environmental issues and intercultural questions are also focal points for the development of the interactive materials. These teaching materials will be developed by educational researchers together with teachers at pilot schools from at least two different countries of the consortium. Therefore the bilingual aspects are a 'natural' part of the learning scenarios using the materials. English will be the foreign language in most cases but German, Spanish and the other languages of the participants are also possible as well. So the first language used for the materials is English with supportive additions like glossaries or specific vocabularies adequate for bilingual learning scenarios. Further the materials can be adapted with German or Spanish as foreign languages. Descriptions of successful learning scenarios using these materials in bilingual or foreign language education classrooms as well as teacher training concepts including booklets are provided in all the languages of the consortium (English, German, Hungarian, Portuguese, Romanian and Spanish).The materials are implemented in the HTML5 standard to be used not only with specific interactive whiteboards but with other interactive devices like tablet-PCs, smart phones etc.. Further the materials can be used for virtual cooperation scenarios connecting different classrooms all over the world via a server.The project provides interactive materials in different subjects taught in bilingual learning scenarios enabling virtual cooperation between schools all over the world. Distributing these via established teacher platforms (online and in print) serves as ‘condensation nucleoli’ for continuing development of materials by practitioners.
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