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Interactive Realtime Multimedia Applications on Service Oriented Infrastructures (IRMOS)
Start date: 01 Feb 2008, End date: 31 Jan 2011 PROJECT  FINISHED 

Description The overriding objective of IRMOS is to enable 'real-time' interaction between people and applications over a Service Oriented Infrastructure...The primary objective of IRMOS is to enable 'real-time' interaction between people and applications by developing, integrating and validating an adequate Service Oriented Infrastructure (SOI) which today still remains insufficient and faulty for the rapid growth and provision of many interactive real-time applications. Hence, today's SOI lack Real-Time (RT) capabilities, dependability and resilience and fail to keep pace with European businesses and individuals who are becoming increasingly agile.  IRMOS aims to avoid issues such as the purchase of expensive and dedicated hardware or the usage of general-purpose resources as a compromise in order to ensure good interactivity levels and performance. These are often the results of soft real-time applications that are traditionally developed without any real-time methodology or run-time support  Instead, the project provides: * A real-time framework as a single infrastructure with real-time attributes at all levels (network, processing, storage, application, workflow and business). IRMOS will support the development and deployment of real time applications in a distributed, managed, secure and cost effective way. This infrastructure will be demonstrated in sectors with major economic and social importance such as: Digital Film production, Virtual and Augmented Reality, and interactive Real-time e-Learning.* A platform that gives Quality of Service Guarantees and is able to participate in Service Level Agreement (SLA).* The span of organisational boundaries which makes the infrastructure cross-organisational.* Provision of inter-organisation confidence, meaning that interactive real-time applications will be delivered in a predictable, reliable and efficient way.* Specification languages, toolkits and standards compliant interfaces that accompany the infrastructure in order to ensure the widest possible take-up in applications involving complex value chains and real time needs, for example in security, safety and emergency response scenarios.* New business and technology solutions. The aforementioned framework allows for business processes automation by providing services that enable the quick and efficient assembly of businesses without the need for protracted manual negotiations or service provisioning by using the IRMOS services. * Motivation for SMEs to advance their business models and gain market accessibility.  The vision of IRMOS is to advance the business models of real-time applications combined to the benefits of SOAs with stringent performance, reliability and temporal constraints. The project will increase the competitiveness of those involved through dramatically lower cost implementation. Thenceforward, instead of costly investment in dedicated infrastructure, it will be possible for European businesses to make full use of commodity resources by using a flexible service oriented approach that achieves guaranteed Quality of Service.
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