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"Interactive Acquisition, Negotiation and Enactment of Subject-oriented Business Process Knowledge" (IANES)
Start date: Sep 1, 2011, End date: Aug 31, 2015 PROJECT  FINISHED 

"Subject-oriented Business Process Management (S-BPM) enables organizations to model and support their business processes along the flow communication among subjects (entities in an organization) rather than focusing on the global control flow like in traditional approaches (e.g. ARIS).People can thus describe their actual ways of performing tasks and are only required to know and describe their interfaces to other subjects. The ability to individualize the work practices within a business process and the possibility of starting modeling from a local rather than a global point of view are the core properties that distinguish subject-oriented business process modeling from other approaches that focus on the sequence of activities rather than the flow of communication.The acquisition of work process knowledge, however, has hardly been addressed methodologically and technically so far. Following the individual-centered philosophy of S-BPM, work process knowledge should be captured and reflected upon in the current work situation of an individual or a group of individuals collaborating, enabling them to set up or revise the work practices whenever the need arises.IANES addresses the requirement of in-situ process knowledge acquisition and negotiation. The goal of the project is to provide a set of methods and tools, than enables the members of an organization to externalize, reflect, transfer and align their knowledge about individual work practices and interfaces to co-workers. Ultimately, people will be able to use the existing enactment module to support their individual work practices, dynamically adapt, revise and orchestrate them with others according to current needs. The combination of empowering individuals and local collaboration on an operative level together with maintaining a global view of given business goals and fundamental value creation chains enables organizations to more rapidly and effectively adapt to dynamically changing business environments."
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