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Interactions franco-européennes: des pratiques professionnelles partagées
Start date: Jun 1, 2015, End date: May 31, 2016 PROJECT  FINISHED 

Our proposition is part of a multiple objective strategy : it intends to sustain tested partnerships inducing a positioning related to a quality approach – in terms of collaborative work on the design and implementation of the project – as well as it aims for a programme development intended to diversify beneficiaries and increase their number, favoured by cooperation with new partners. In the course of Commerce students' Baccalauréat Professionnel training - secondary education vocational qualification – the Lycée Jean Capelle, in Bergerac, intended to offer them the opportunity to carry out a work experience in another European country. On the occasion of a contact seminary - Bordeaux, France, November 2008 - we got to meet representatives from equivalent institutions to ours, in terms of structure and training courses, among which the Vocational and Technical State school in Kartuzy, Poland. We, then, agreed on a partnership mode which materialized - within the framework of Leonardo Da Vinci Mobility, then Erasmus+ programmes - by trainee exchanges, placed in retail businesses, in Bergerac, then in Kartuzy, four times, between 2010 and 2014. On the same terms, twelve Polish students will, once again, carry out an internship, in France, in September 2015. Since 2011, we have also undertaken a partnership with the Italian catering school IPSSAR Artusi, based in Riolo Terme, near Faenza, Emilia-Romagna. That collaboration – developed within the framework of Aquitaine Regional Council calls for international mobility projects – is part of the particular context of a twinning partnership between the two towns and has allowed uninterrupted trainee exchanges – cooks and waiters – placed in local restaurants. Eight French students will take advantage out of a similar mobility experience, in March 2015. Placing us in a quality approach, we would like to include that cooperation into our Erasmus+ project, in the prospect of improving implementation and sustainability conditions. Thanks to those experiences and aware of what is really at stake, for beneficiaries, in terms of professional increase in value and education to European citizenship, we intend to offer mobility experiences to students from every vocational training speciality taught in our school. For that purpose, we have initiated cooperation with two new partners : a British non-profit organisation and a Spanish school, who have assured us of their ability to materialize placement options, for the benefit of our Healthcare and Administration students. Therefore, the next step of our project would consist in providing a mobility experience to eight Commerce students, in Poland, and five Administration students, in Spain, in November 2015, for a four week internship. Then, our approach would lead to send eight Catering students to Italy, and five Healthcare students to Great-Britain, in March 2016, for a five week work experience. Our recent experiences and intense and ongoing collaborative work with our European conterparts allow us to guarantee the participants the best conditions for realising professional objectives, specified by academic curriculum, inherent in student training. Besides purely practical and technical aspects - in terms of work placement approach - we also wish to favour the discovery of a different culture, a different lifestyle and a different language, in a spirit of sharing. We intend to value the use of language skills in a professional context as well as in socializing situations, too. The collaboration we intend to intensify with our European partners is part and parcel of that context. As a matter of fact, we wish to capitalize on experience debreifing in order to define common strategies and work tools from which institutions, as well as participants, might take advantage, in a spirit of continuity including a clearly upgradable nature of the exchange, in keeping with lifelong learning prospects. Our application puts us in a position to confirm the decidedly Europe oriented nature of our educational project by intensifying Lycée Jean Capelle's International Action work group activites, which is dedicated to conception, undertaking and advertising of mobility programmes, as well as finalization of transnational related projects, the aim of which is to generate interaction between partners and to involve students who would not get a chance to take part in a mobility experience.
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