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Interacting through Acting: From drama to contemporary arts (InterAct)
Start date: Apr 9, 2012,

Sharing the vision that mobility is the key to cultural exchange and cross-fertilization, project partners have designed InterAct, so as to stimulate intercultural dialogue, transnational cultural collaboration, artistic expression and circulation of artistic output. In particular, InterAct aims to stimulate joint theatre activities, promote the educative role of theatre, increase public awareness in respect of being active in the sphere of common cultural initiatives and develop vocational training for actors, professionals and amateurs. Key outputs of the project include the co-production of a theatre play staged at the Theatre of Heraklea and an exhibition of 15 comedies and dramas masks hosted in Heraclea and transferred in Greece. Finally, with a view to facilitate the integration of citizens into the labor market, the project embraces two seminars in Bitola, one on the use of Drama Techniques in Education, targeted at teachers and another one on Role-Playing as a vehicle for personal development, targeted at unemployed people.
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