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INTER GET UP - an interregional approach for the stimulation of techology-oriented start-ups in Europe (INTER GET UP)
Start date: Sep 30, 2004, End date: Jun 29, 2007 PROJECT  FINISHED 

Technology-oriented start-ups are important for regional development in terms of job creation and attracting new investment to the region. Many regions and cities, therefore, try to boost spin-offs and encourage related job-creation. While most of these approaches are local or regional in character, international cooperation should help to identify good practices and transfer successful policy instruments. The EU partners of INTERGETUP are all located in Objective 1 and 2 regions and have received support by the EU Structural Funds in the past. They can, thus, offer valuable experience and know-how on the effective use of these funds to their partners in the new Member States and in Third Countries. Overall objective / Objectif général The operation focuses on improving the climate for technology-oriented start-ups based on the collaboration of national, regional and local public authorities, incubation centres, regional development agencies and universities from nine different countries. A major sub-goal is to further spread and refine existing regional economic development instruments such as the Start-up Passport and Business Plan Competitions and to make these tools more accessible. Expected results / Résultats attendus The operation supports partner regions in increasing the number and quality of technology-oriented business start-ups and associated highly qualified jobs. It results in new or improved economic development concepts and tools. For instance, each region establishes a specific "Start-up Passport", an instrument for training, qualification and assistance for technology-oriented start-ups. This tool covers the whole range of issues important for start-up entrepreneurs such as financing and accounting, marketing and sales, legislation, and communication and negotiation skills. Activities include an inventory and evaluation of existing concepts and tools to promote technology-oriented start-ups based on partners experiences. Partners conduct topic-related and interdisciplinary workshops for the exchange of experience and best practice and to support intensive discussion. Workshops and training seminars address technology-oriented entrepreneurs and provide access to European best practice.
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