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Inter-Generational learning: from diagnostic to impact evaluation

The Cross Ages project is aiming to favour the active participation of the elderly in oursociety, through the definition of an integrated learning model based on the support andenhancement of intergenerational exchange, as a lever for promoting successful ageing(active ageing) and social inclusion of older people in the local communities. The projectwill define a series of LLL methodologies and tools designed to meet the specificrequirements of older people’s learning, such as motivation, contents of experience,communication and transmission means, flexibility needs in terms of time and methods,in order to favour the active participation of older people in the different living andworking contexts.The main project activities will be:- the identification and selection of good practices (methodologies and evaluation tools)in the field of LLL for older people, developed in previous EU projects;- analysis and research activities on the experience of older people at professional leveland in social life;- the adaptation and integration of good practices (adapting and extendingmethodologies from the world of labour, where these practices have been implemented,to the local communities);- the experimentation of inter-generational learning modules;- the planning of an integrated LLL education and training model based on theintergenerational approach, characterised by transferability at European level.
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