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Inter-generational and family learning for Ceramists.
Start date: Oct 1, 2011,

"Learning history" is a unique approach for helping an organization to learn from the experience and implications of its own learning and change initiatives. The history includes reports of actions and results, and the underlying assumptions and reasoning that led to people's actions. A variety of people’s views and reactions are captured providing insight into the complex reality in which organizational learning takes place. Learning history is offered through reports of actions and results. It shows readers how learning is an approach to get what they want, and it illustrates how others have achieved the results they wanted. CERVIVE comes to transfer the Learning History model to ceramic enterprises, especially family operated where the knowledge of the ancestor needs to be adequately and efficiently transferred to the successors(Inter-generational & family learning). The contents will come from interviews with the people who developed and implemented the knowledge within each ceramic SME. The history will present their experiences and understandings, in their own words, in a way that will help the successors move forward, without having to "re-invent" what is already discovered. The consortium partners will prepare a basic structure of learning material relevant to common skills required from a newcomer to the ceramic industry to be familiar with, and this content will be enhanced and completed per company according to the experience of the senior owner. The project team will develop an ontology that will undertake to model state of the art techniques in the ceramic field and connect them with the existing experience and practices. This way the transfer of experience will be connected to the modernization of the techniques achieving a two ways information flow from Senior to Junior (Experience, Best Practises) and from Junior to Senior (State of the art technologies, Innovation, etc) with the project playing the role of a ceramic experience and technology broker.
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