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Start date: May 6, 2016, End date: Feb 5, 2018 PROJECT  FINISHED 

Our general goal we want to achieve with this project; ready meals which increased rapidly in recent years, especially among children and young people (fast food) and we would like to draw attention to how widespread nutrition. Seizes us increasingly fast food chain restaurants are threatening the future of Europe. We plan to break these chains and healthy food forward. It yitirmekt slowly borne from experience faster in our healthy eating habits now. The importance of healthy eating, obesity, reality, to spread to a wide audience "food culture" and will bring together our young people. This culture, learn the values ​​that are below this culture. Food culture disappear cultures of the countries which will be revived so. In addition, we have wrapped our youth and our local awareness and also in organic farming. And our young generation in the growth of healthy, we would also create an awareness in our local.The research conducted in our country as well as in the world is overweight and obesity is a growing obesity and obesity shows that especially our children and our young people begin to take effect under.Our goal with this project are: young people together and making new flavors will be the only meal includes learning effort. "The culture of the kitchen" will learn the background. Informed food while learning each other's cultures and learn to be experienced in intercultural learning. Also an informed our projects with participants from different perspectives and in a more informed way, we aim to leave. Furnish will "cookbook / cookbook of" the in culture of Nutrition and Food etiquette, various people, communities and countries of food and drinks, at weddings, renovated special occasion dishes, utensils rules / rituals and cooking and they have given location information, such as eating customs.Gaining importance day by day in our organic farming and organic food in this project we want them to be informed on this issue once again emphasizing our participants. Our first project in which our people continue the project nature of our project, we hope to reach our youth still a lot of people to be informed about the orientation of organic farming. In this way, both obesity and fast food by revealing the reality we think we can contribute to the healthy generation to be raised.Profile of participants who participate in the project:• Food and talented young people willing to do about it• Digital design, people who have interest and skills in preparing visual materials• Ability to play musical instruments and interest in people with skills.• The interest in youth work or people who want to work on these issues.• It works on any projects in the field of health or young people who want to work in this issue• T-shirt painting, theatrical or people with skills that are interested in these issues• organic farming, organic food, our young people with an interest in the subject are welcome in our wellness project. Our project will be located in our 42 participants. The attention of the local youth and adults will be drawn to the importance of organic farming and organic production. Young Erasmus + Program and informing them about opportunities will be made. To take advantage of our youth and youth projects under the contact group and the NGO Erasmus + program will have acquired new opportunities. Partners of the project through our visual output, we will send them digitally cook book (cookbook) n will share as much as possible to reach for the very young in their local area. In this way, they are the forgotten country of their own food culture will be forwarded to many people and will also provide information. And we are of our every growing fast food restaurant participants will be confronted with the reality of our project is how to capture. Our participants how that impacts our health organic food will continue to be how we are aware of life as healthy individuals. They will have the opportunity to get better acquainted with the culture dish by dish. Cook book (cookbook), block preparation participants will have increased our digital capabilities. At the end of our meal we made our project with our local "public Supper" will share in the. Their attention and proper nutrition, fast food, will take on the obesity issue. Our young people acquainted with each other, establishing dialogue and they had a nice time together.In our project, our young intercultural learning, digital competences, health issues such as intergenerational learning in order to create awareness of the various activities will be integrated into them. Young both themselves and we believe that they will contribute to increasing the awareness of many people with the information they acquire in their communities. Our young people will learn both well informed. food and fun will be sharing with our people we will reach our goal at the end of the project.
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