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INtelligents MAterials (MAIN)

The smart materials here called MAIN, that is the set of -cool roof-� and -cool pavement-� solutions to reduce summer overheating of urban areas caused by sun radiation, are scarcely used due to different motivations or alibis. The project is aimed at intervening in any chain cycle for the use of MAIN. The systemic model MAIN will be implemented in several types of zones: the seaside, plain lands, hinterlands, hills, and also mountains, in order to verify its efficiency and profitability. The project will start with an awareness campaign for citizens, families, schools, technicians, firms. These audiences need to know the MAIN, their costs, their quality/price/impacts on the environment relationships, their certifications and assurances, the available aids. The project will charge the effects of the economic crisis, by creating Territorial Island platforms aimed at promoting knowledge, marketing and use of MAIN by target audiences and users. Each island will be organized and supported by Partners, with participation of elected representatives, public officials, firms, chambers of commerce, research institutes, universities, awarding bodies, insurances. Workshops and training will be provided to elected representatives and policymakers to define with them policies and standards relevant even in this time of crisis. Workshops and training are foreseen for public officials, architects, engineers, craftsmen, business. Short courses and professional references will be organized in order to diffuse advanced skills for the implementation of MAIN. The list of participants to training will be included on the website MAIN and disseminated. A list of MAIN and their purchase and implementation costs will be published on the Web. Territorial agreements with companies that produce MAIN will be considered. Pilot actions are planned for cool roofs, cool pavements, eco-materials, MAIN certifications. The university UNIMORE, via its laboratory EELab, will take care of the analysis of MAIN used in the Islands and will issue a certification for each MAIN. Partners are in contact with the public bodies responsible for development of the regulatory framework. The university UNIMORE will also issue a quality label for cool roofs and cool pavements produced by artisans and firms participating in training for the implementation of MAIN. Significant actions to producers of MAIN are performed, thus favoring a pricing policy accessible to families and citizens. The project will use an e-learning platform on the Web, a collaborative tool, and will implement a horizontal and vertical mainstreaming for the evaluation, funding and dissemination of good practices. Achievements: A MAIN quality label has been created, to be awarded to:MATERIALS with performance certified by the European Cool Roof Council (an organization established in 2012 that manages an independent rating program) and exceeding given performance levels.Promoting materials with high and verified performance will greatly benefit energy efficiency of new and retrofitted buildings in terms of energy needs for air conditioning, often higher than those for winter heating in many Mediterranean cities.TECHNICIANS of the construction sector (architects, engineers, energy managers, etc.) having attended a training course purposely developed in 5 languages.BUSINESS PROPOSALS promoted by a MAIN qualified technician and involving one or more MAIN qualified materials (in case MAIN qualified business proposals are eventually built, they achieve the status of MAIN qualified BUILT CASES).The MAIN QUALITY label is managed through a PUBLIC DATABASE, where the end-users and other stakeholders can easily access a list of MAIN qualified materials (up to now in the category cool roof), a list of MAIN qualified technicians, and a list of MAIN qualified business larger use of cool materials and, as a result, higher energy efficiency for building cooling are expected from training of technicians and information to other stakeholders. PILOT ACTIONS on training have been promoted in all urban areas of the MAIN Project, aimed at testing the training program and making the approach replicable.PILOT CASES have also been realized in all urban areas, involving either new or retrofitted buildings, as well as test installations and cool pavements, in order to showcase the Technologies.
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