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INTelligent systems for Energy Prosumer buildIngs at District level (INTrEPID)
Start date: Nov 1, 2012, End date: Oct 31, 2015 PROJECT  FINISHED 

The INTrEPID project aims to develop technologies that will enable energy optimization of residential buildings, both performing an optimal control of internal sub-systems within the Home Area Network and also providing advanced mechanisms for effective interaction with external world, including other buildings, local producers, electricity distributors, and enabling energy exchange capabilities at district level.The project will have then three main objectives:A.\tEnergy optimization, which is provided by the development of three INTrEPID technological components (Indoor Home networks, Supervisory control strategies and Energy Brokerage);B.\tIntegration and validation of the integrated system: the system will be tested in RSE and Telecom Italia labs and it will be installed and validated in real houses. The installation in real buildings will involve 50 homes, partly located in Italy and partly located in Denmark. The system will include devices such as energy gateways, smart meter or smart info (depending on the location, smart info will work in ENEL electricity grid), smart plugs, a smart appliance, connected thermostats to control HVAC system. The specific devices to be installed in the system will be evaluated during the project development.C.\tDissemination and Exploitation: dissemination will be achieved both with contribution to scientific conferences, industrial fairs and leveraging the Telecom Italia show room; dissemination will have a special focus on Standardization activities.The energy optimization objectives will be achieved in following complementary ways:-\tDeveloping advanced monitoring and diagnostics concepts and ensuring that the achieved savings are sustained over long period of time without being degraded by deteriorated performance of both mechanical equipment and the monitoring and control system itself;-\tDeveloping supervisory control strategies that will be able to coordinate larger subsystems (heating, ventilation, air conditioning, lighting, renewable energy generation, thermal storage, etc.) and orchestrate operation of the numerous devices in such systems;-\tSupporting inter-building energy exchange. A brokerage agent will communicate directly with other buildings and local producers to negotiate possible use of the electricity produced locally in their premises in order to increase interoperability of buildings and to address the challenges related to deployment the future Smart Grid concepts and technologies.The INTrEPID consortium includes a significant involvement of large enterprises and SMEs from different sectors, including home automation equipment providers, smart appliances manufacturers, telecom operators and energy distributors.

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