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Integration of children with special education needs in school by free style activities

The aim of this project is to establish a lasting connection between schools who will be partners in integrating children with special needs and disabilities in the normal classroom and school program. The main idea is for different societies and cultures to share their problems and positive experiences in creating a tolerance and stimulating school environment. Firstly, there will be an information exchange between partners, regarding models used for integration as well as levels of social support. The essential component of this will be activities for special needs students, as well as other students, aimed at their interests: sport-tourism; art, music, rhythem, social interaction and social-communication training. In creative and entertaining conversation, the children can become closer. Integration is a collaborative process and the aim of these activities is to positively encourage the participants, including special-needs students, students of their same age, and their teachers. Our goal is to turn the schools-partners into places of tolerant, intercultural European communication. Additionally, it is our intention to create a ‘Student-partner Code of Ethics’- composed of suggestions from all partners’ organizations to lay out rules for relations between students. There will be opportunity for equal participation both in activities and presentations, for all students, regardless of gender ethnic and social group, or health problems. The connectivity between project partners will lead to an actual exchange of experience and ideas during the activities. The exchange will be facilitated trough blogs and videoconference connections.There will be presentations on the activities, both locally and nationally, in each country which will both advertise and expand the positive results.
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