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Integration and Crossing the Curriculum
Start date: Jun 1, 2015, End date: May 31, 2017 PROJECT  FINISHED 

Oulun Suomalaisen Yhteiskoulun lukio (Osyk) is updating and developing the school curriculum based on the national curriculum development work. 10 project participants form a core group in the development process being responsible for certain areas in it: cooperative learning, co-teaching by lowering the boundaries between school subjects, new methods supporting integration and cross-curriculum learning. The project partners were chosen by the help of CLIL experts in Finland and in Spain. One of the secondary schools is in Cordoba area in Spain and the other one near Bari in Italy. All three schools are very different but they all have the same vision of development needs in their schools; methods and cross curriculum approaches need to be developed and experiences between European schools shared. The projects will include 5-day job shadowing and a five-day training course for 7 Finnish teachers in Spain and 8-day job shadowing for 3 Finnnish teachers in Italy. In addition the partner schools will do their job shadowing in Finland where they are also offered a course. Teachers' professional development and active participation in curriculum development are the main factors to guarantee quality education. By sharing experiences, methods, materials and training with a Finnish, an Italian and a Spanish school, the project will strengthen common visions, values and strategies of all three schools. This calls for co-operative methods and planning for crossing the curriculum to integrate different school subjects not only inside one particular organization but also with the partners and other schools. Concerning quality development and internationalization the objectives are not only to understand the importance of cooperation and integration but also to learn the ways in which educational objectives, teaching methods and integrative classes can correspond to the global needs. Teachers and administrators will have to work together and look for innovative ways to organize curricula that overcome the traditional structures. Integrative curriculum will make learning more natural linking different subjects together. The curriculum development work has already started in Osyk, and in May 2015, some integrated classes will be tested and evaluated, which will facilitate the KA1 program which has been planned for two following academic years, 2015-17. School educators can use the gore group of teachers to design and deliver need-based professional development to the other teachers not only in their own school but also in other schools as well as in the partner schools during the project. The purpose of carrying out the project is to offer solutions to enrich teaching and learning practices at the upper secondary level by identifying the needs of the changing learning environment. The objective of the project is to find concrete solutions for enhancing the school curriculum focusing on the needs of the students in the fast changing world which won't recognize boundaries and where people won't be tied to a predestined area but will use their freedom of movement. Cooperation and sharing will benefit all the participants equally, and this kind of learning process is proved to be fast and effective and to launch a lot of creative innovations. Monitoring and evaluation of the project will be carried out during the second year when the new updated curriculum will be in use in Osyk. Inquiries will be carried out inside the school but also by the CLIL experts responsible for training during the project.

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