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Integrating Experiences and Recommendations in Eco-Innovation for Sustainable Production and Consumption in the Mediterranean Area (ECO-SCP-MED)

The project ECO-SCP-MED is a 16-month project which aims at ensure sustainability across the supply chain of the main products and services in the MED area, whose cornerstone is fostering eco-innovation and competitiveness through transnational cooperation, integrating experiences and recommendations towards this objective. ECO-SCP-MED will integrate relevant outputs and mutualize experiences and achievements in view to future policy evolution and next programming period. Four main areas will be covered throughout the project: Sustainability of Products and Services, Sustainability of the production process, Sustainable management of Industrial areas, and sustainable consumption patterns and behaviour. Partners from 5 Med countries and 1 IPA, together with 18 external experts, will gather their experiences from previous Med or other projects to capitalize their outputs towards a wider objective and to reinforce and enlarge the capacities of the classical, targeted and strategic projects carried out at multi-stakeholders levels (operational, institutional, entrepreneurial). Partnership, together with external experts, will make an in depth-analysis of achieved outputs in the focus areas, and develop on this basis a common integrated model of sustainable consumption and production in the MED area. On another hand, partners will carry out Networking activities to share and discuss policy recommendations together with Institutional stakeholders in order to develop joint policy recommendations that aim to be proposed to European Authorities to be included in next Programming Period. At this step, various Regional Authorities will be involved to ensure the validation of these policy recommendations. Finally, and in order to reach all target groups and to validate the integrated model, regional conferences will be organized by all partners, and training sessions directed to market will be organized in the four focus areas. Achievements: The partners of ECO-SCP-MED project have been gathered together because of their participation in several other projects whose results have a high potential for capitalization. 20 key outputs from 12 projects have been selected to achieve the objectives of ECO-SCP-MED in a tangible way and with the maximum impact through the MED area. The outputs selected cover the necessary technical knowledge and experiences to develop an integrated tool to promote the sustainable consumption and production in policy, business and society scopes in the following focus areas:• Sustainability of the products/services• Sustainability of the production process• Sustainable Management of Industrial Areas• Sustainable Consumption patterns and behaviourSee more:
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  • 2007 - 2013 Programme MED
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