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Integrated Support to SMEs by transfer of experiences through e-Mentor e-Training

Small and Medium Enterprises (SMEs) remain the back bone of the EU economy, given that 99.8% of all enterprises are SMEs or more specifically a micro-enterprise with less than ten employees. In 2010, 19.2 million micro-enterprises operated in the EU, comprising 92% of all European enterprises. It is evident that SMEs are being affected by the financial and economic crisis across economies. Since the crisis began, many States have reported negative impacts, which vary by country, region, level of development and severity, including most of all rapid increases in unemployment, poverty and hunger. The eurozone unemployment rate rose to 11.8% in November 2012 - the highest rate on record according to official figures out today (in Spain & Greece). Our project SMe-MENTOR has started since 01.10.2013 and is supposed to last for 24 months including 7 partners from 6 EU countries. SMe-MENTOR is focused on e-Training of e-Mentors FOR giving e-Mentoring services to SME's. Thus, it firstly aims to experienced people who are well experienced in their profession and having good background but not working because of several reasons, or they may be retired persons. This accumulated valuable experience will not be wasted, as the project aims to give them the possibility to become e-Mentors and re-enter the “job market” and secondly, to save the SMEs by helping them via e-Mentoring to support their growth and sustainability. The Consortium partners have contributed to the project so far, according to their exact profession in order to drive SMEs. The e-learning modules have been developed according to our users’ needs and have also been translated to all partners’ languages. The e-learning material has been uploaded to the SMe-MENTOR Multilanguage website ( The project brochure has also been developed and has been also distributed to the dissemination events that the partners have participated to. The project has combined alternative dynamic content adapted to specific e-training programs based on highly sophisticated evaluation methods. This means that the evolution of the training programs can be highly parameterized depending on the learning goals and the progress of the user. The idea of the e-learning modules is to train e-Mentors in further training activities for developing their e-Mentor skills and profession, for e-Mentoring (from distance) to SMEs.

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