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Integrated Selection, Protection and Promotion of Balkan Forest Genetic Resources with Aesthetic Value (ISPROP FORGEN)
Start date: Feb 23, 2012,

The major objectives of the project are the following; 1. Selection of plant genetic material for its aesthetic and ornamental value (approximately 12 species will be selected either from natural populations, artificial plantations or local market). 2. Collection of the plant material in the same region (gene banks) and protocol development for its cloning. 3. Introduction and provision of the market with new ornamental plant material (at least 3 species will be introduced in each country). 4. Promotion of the selected ornamental plants to the communities through the creation of arboreta (more than 2.000 plants will be established). 5. Development of cloning protocols that will encourage investments by private companies in the field of production and marketing. The final product is the establishment of two arboreta (3 ha in each country) where businesses can select species and reproduce them through the developed cloning protocol.

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