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Integrated Medium for Planetary Exploration (IMPEX)
Start date: Jun 1, 2011, End date: May 31, 2015 PROJECT  FINISHED 

IMPEx (Integrated Medium for Planetary Exploration) is aimed at creation of an interactive framework where data from planetary missions will be interconnected with numerical models providing a possibility 1) to simulate planetary phenomena and interpret space missions measurements; 2) to test models versus experimental data and perform further improvement of models; 3) to fill gaps in the measurements by appropriate modelling runs; 4) to perform preparation of specific mission operations and solve various technological tasks, including preparation of new missions. IMPEx will create a new research infrastructure which will enhance the efficiency of space mission data exploitation for scientific research and make the data and models useful for a broad planetary science community, also outside of the mission teams and specialized modelling groups. Besides of the ‘Management’ work package (WP1), IMPEx includes a work package, providing a platform for cross-linked visualization and operation of experimental and numerical modelling data (WP2), and two modelling WPs with a set of 3D simulation codes and their related computational infrastructures: WP3: ‘Hybrid & MHD models’ and WP4: ‘Paraboloid Magnetospheric Models’. The available space mission data will be delivered to IMPEx via the data operation portal AMDA (Automated Multi-Dataset Analysis, In view of the strong European engagement into past, present and forthcoming space missions to Mercury (BepiColombo), Venus (VenusExpress), Earth (Cluster, Themis), Mars (MarsExpress), Jupiter and Ganymede (Galileo, JGO), Saturn and Titan (Cassini), Comet 67P (Rosetta), the project IMPEx will have its primary focus at plasma and magnetic environments of these missions targets. Research potentials of the created infrastructure will be demonstrated by a set of practical examples. Development of IMPEx beyond FP7 supposes extension of the scope of planetary objects, used models and observational data.

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