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Integrated European Model for Rehabilitation of Victim and Offender Children
Start date: 01 Sep 2014, End date: 31 Dec 2016 PROJECT  FINISHED 

The project EURehab Children aims at establishing an integrated approach towards Rehabilitation of Victim and Offender Children. The Ministry of Family and Social Policies of Turkey has 52 Rehabilitation Centers called KBRM (Koruma Bakım ve Rehabilitasyon Merkezi) and BSRM (Bakım ve Sosyal Rehabilitasyon Merkezi). These 52 Centers have no common Rehabilitation model for the proffesionals and thus this leads to unhealthy and ineffective rehabilitation. Besides, lack of integrated Rehabilitation system seems a Europe-wide issue. Each partner across Europe (Diagrama- UK, CSCS- IT, FAMYLIAS- ES, Provest-TR), which has deep expertise in Juvenile Rehabilitation and VET, will analyze the current state of art and draw best practices across Europe. Then a handbook of best practices will be created with the contribution of all partners. Four different modules will be developed as Module 1: Rehabilitation of Offenders and Victims Exposed to Violent Crimes, Module 2: Rehabilitation of Offenders and Victims Exposed to Sexual Crimes, Module 3: Rehabilitation of Offenders and Victims Exposed to Drug Abuse, Module 4: Rehabilitation of Offenders and Victims Exposed to Abuse and Neglect. Combining these modules and taking best practices into account, an innovative curriculum will be developed while various training materials will be developed simultaneously. These developed modules will be implemented twice in KBRMs and BSRMS and the evaluations will take place after each implementation. After that there will be a policy recommendation document created and distributed to relevant policy making local institutions and public authorities. At the last phase, there will be an International Conference organized with 30 foreign and 240 domestic participants. All dissemination channels will be used through the EURehab Children project; project website, leaflets, social media, books, DVD etc. Including policy recommendation document, all projects output will be translated into partners' national languages. The project ultimately aims to offer an integrated and innovative training and teaching method for Rehabilitation professionals, which will finally benefit the social inclusion of the offender and victim children. The duration of the project is 24 months.
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