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Integrated Development and Management of NATURA 2000 Protected Areas through Innovative Techniques in E. Mediterranean (ManagMED)
Start date: May 31, 2006, End date: Apr 29, 2008 PROJECT  FINISHED 

ManageMED is a project aiming to contribute to the sustainable development, protection and management of the protected ΝΑΤURA 2000 areas in the Eastern Mediterranean, which are threatened by a number of aggravating factors that can lead to the complete degradation or even extinction of these areas. The risk management will be based on a scientific model of risk indexes, which will result from the study, analysis and quantification of aggravating factors by using innovative and modern methods-tools so as to estimate the degree of negative effects in each protected area under study situated in Greece, Italy and Cyprus in order to undertake the proper measures for the management, development and protection of these areas. The project actions will be implemented by creating a network between the cooperating countries and by spreading the know-how into the third countries and environmental management authorities. Specific aims § The cooperation between countries and research institutes in the Eastern Mediterranean having as a goal the development of a common environmental questioning concerning the elaboration of common approaching methods and parallel realization ways aiming to the protection, the rational management, the improvement and the preservation of the environment. § The development of innovative model of risk indexes for the monitoring of the aggravating factors that threaten the ΝΑΤURA 2000 areas § Prevention of the risks concerning the sensitive environment of the ΝΑΤURA 2000 areas. § Sensitization and updated information of the citizens for the protection of the ΝΑΤURA 2000 areas. § Creation of networks that will provide the exchange of know-how and certain practices, the realization of studies and the development of methodologies and tools concerning the ΝΑΤURA 2000 areas management. § Interconnection between the environmental services by using technological novelties. Main Activities 1. Organization of an international cooperation and focusing on the basic environmental risks of the protected areas under study. 2. Research - study – analysis of specific ΝΑΤURA 2000 areas by using innovative techniques and tools 3. Development of a model of the risk indexes accompanied by a focused decision support system for the monitoring of the aggravating factors threatening the specific ΝΑΤURA 2000 areas 4. Building a network among involved protected areas, research teams, local administrations and environmental organizations 5. Exchanging experiences and know-how in order to choose the best practices for ΝΑΤURA 2000 areas by using new technologies, promoting the information and sensitisation of citizens and school visiting to train students in proper environmental behaviour. Expected results • Sustainable development, protection and continuous monitoring of the ΝΑΤURA 2000 areas • Creation of new monitoring systems and also new methodological tools for the ΝΑΤURA 2000 areas • The cooperation between management authorities, scientific research teams, local administrations and environmental groups in national and international level. • Use of new technologies • Continuous updating and sensitization about ΝΑΤURA 2000 areas.
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