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Integrated Coastal zone management: towards an Atlantic Vision (COASTATLANTIC)
Start date: Jul 31, 2003, End date: Sep 4, 2007 PROJECT  FINISHED 

The project aims to stimulate the sustainable development of the coastal zones of the Atlantic Area from an environmental, social and economic point of view, by encouraging integrated regional development implementation and management. Given the fact that there is not a homogenous perception of this territory, the project intends to make recommendations to create a common vision: this is Integrated Coastal Zone Management – ICZM. Thanks to ICZM, the project should make it possible: - To identify the specific characteristics of the Atlantic Area, - To facilitate the future measures of the States concerned within the framework of long-term regional development and the sustainable development of economic activities and natural resources, - To provide a coherent working framework for initiatives in coastal zones enabling horizontal and vertical integration of idea and action, - To contribute to better management and protection of the coast. Achievements: Accessibility of coastal areas: ✔ Creation of routes for footpaths, cycle paths and others ✔ Knowledge of the natural and cultural heritage ✔ Establishment of a wider vision of the Atlantic context in its relation to local economies ✔ Development of specific measures for a more rational use of beaches Natural heritage: ✔ Identification of the natural resources to plan their conservation ✔ Involvement of people working at sea in the conservation of resources by avoiding discharge of waste ✔ Development planning and launch of procedures to integrate values of conservation in area development Cultural heritage: ✔ Creation of an inventory of natural and environmental resources, and the impacts of activities, and also an analysis of how protected zones contribute to socio-economic development. This made it possible to identify the zones most in need of recovery, protection and promotion of the natural heritage along the Atlantic coast. ✔ Formulation of concrete recommendations and measures aiming at reducing the negative impacts of human activities and the protection of natural resources at local, regional, national and community level. ✔ Raising the awareness of local communities about the importance of integrated management and protection of natural resources. Urban / rural interdependences: ✔ Search for working tools to reduce increasing urban pressure and tourism on coastal areas ✔ Restoration and planning the use of habitats and landscapes to improve the economy and quality of life in coastal areas ✔ Planning actions that will use the coastal areas whilst preserving their resources Improved governance: ✔ Development of actions aimed at facilitating the implementation of integrated coastal zone management ✔ Compilation of project outcomes, recommendations for governance ✔ Creation of a Geographic Information System (GIS) ✔ Creation of a website: ✔ Publications (Guide to coastal paths, guide to best practices in integrated management of coastal areas...), production of teaching materials.
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