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Start date: Jul 1, 2016, End date: Jun 30, 2017 PROJECT  FINISHED 

IES Inca Garcilaso is a school that accommodates students from 12 to 18 years of age, as well as offering opportunities in vocational training. Our school has a long tradition in implementing varying educational models, culminating in the English/Spanish bilingual program which is currently running in the school. We are a close, highly experienced and professional group of teachers, between 35 and 50 years old, with a strong commitment to Inca Garcilaso and the organization of its extracurricular activities. The current team emerging here is young and enthusiastic and is passionate about embracing and implementing innovative methodologies to aid with the teaching and learning process.At present, the project aims to have seven teachers involved in the Bilingual Plan, improve their training, and incorporate new technology and teaching methods into the classroom. Moreover, one of the principal objectives is to insert the knowledge of Montilla and its surroundings into the curriculum, in order to advance the project further. Consequently, this will be a significant boost to the plan. The training, which will be developed in the UK, is linked to the CLIL methodology, scientific updates, and ICT applied to the educational process. Once mobility has returned, an extensive program of activities with the students, and curricular development of products related to the project will be developed.The starting point to select the candidates is the “European Development Program” in our school. First, the “Selection Board” (ETCP) stated several items according to which the applicants would be chosen. Second, the teachers who were interested applied for it. Finally, the board selected the most suitable candidates according to their professional profiles and their educational needs. The summer courses have been chosen taking into account the specific role of each participant in the common school project. We think that two-week summer courses are the best option to acquire linguistic, methodological and scientific contents. We have all contacted the organization through e-mail and booked the course in advance – we will firmly matriculate when we are granted the funding. We all have the invoice forms.By attending these summer courses and meeting teachers from all over Europe, we wish to enrich our linguistic, methodological and scientific skills. Also, our students will learn their bilingual subjects in a better way as we will be using CLIL methodology, ICT, and will do plenty of activities which will improve the knowledge they have about their town and cultural heritage.The development of this project, will allow the growth of products linked to the same wide bank of curricular resources and materials of the Bilingual Plan such as, the expansion of a Montilla bilingual guide and its environment, the implementation of the European Language Portfolio products in our center, as well as the development of a project blog. The bilingual sections of the blog "El Inca lee " are owned by the Plan Reader and the magazine of our center. In addition, a number of complementary and extracurricular activities will take place, with students who are strongly linked to the project.Consequently, we will have a better qualified and motivated group of teachers who will teach in a more diverse and effective way; they will always have in mind the importance of the different cultures in Europe not forgetting our own town, its landscape and cultural heritage.This school Project will make stronger the links between our school and our town and county’s main organizations. This Project will also open our students’ minds to Europe and European citizens as they are currently participating in some activities (like e-twinning social network) which will enable them to get to know other European students. These types of activities will develop in time in a KA2 project.

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