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Start date: Jul 1, 2016, End date: Jun 30, 2018 PROJECT  FINISHED 

Our center is an urban high school located in the center of Palma, on the island of Mallorca. The students whom attend our institution are from the district within the city center, but we also accept students from other neighborhoods within the island, as well. Many students whom attend our school are from outside our school district and this gives us a pro-European approach to teaching. This will encourage the integration of our students into a society both at a local and at a regional or international level.A problem presented by our students is a high absence and dropout rate early on. The innovation in technology and methodology will make teaching more appealing and useful for the students, in hopes, encouraging them to pursue higher education. This will open more opportunities in their future for employment in a variety of fields. Consequentially, it has been observed in other countries, that once surrounded in this type of school environment we can also improve teaching methods. The European projects are the perfect tool to combat our current problems in teaching, thus our school promotes the development of it. Our staff has selected the current project participants. The selection process was, by all means, clear and voluntary. Some of the conditions that were necessary to be apart of this training program include: -Be part of a department that teaches a subject within the language center projects. -Interest in participating and a desire to improve teaching through another point of view, with updated and modernized methods.All our selected participants for this project have these following characteristics: - Approximate age is about 45 years old -Training in English. The level of English of the participants ranges from B2+ to C1 according to the level testing at the Official School of Languages. -Preparation for the development of this activity. All of our teachers are doing some type of improvement or training within the English language. -Sustainability of the Project. The teachers that are participating in this project have a fixed placement at the school, which will ensure continuity in the project and a real implementation.The objectives to be achieved must be clearly stated in the project. A pre-training control during and another later on will give us a clear idea of the impact of the activity among the participants.The training activity and observation will be held in various European training centers, depending on the type of activity. Offsets would be managed in commissions. The logistical work will be shared between the members of the project. A common aspect among all the participants is that they possess a European Health Card. All trips would be made on non-school days, except during stays of observation, which will be fully organized before the end of school.The training will perform activities and updated training courses in the English language. To summarize the desired objectives in this training, the project coordinator will contact the Welcome Centre, explaining everything about certifications and the assessment objectives very clearly to the participants. All the training in the Welcome Center must provide a certificate or an evaluation form of its satisfaction to the Receiving organisatioin. Similarly, The Sending organisation will deliver a report in which the activity is assessed, as well as, the possible impact of training on the participants. In preparation for the development of this activity all project participants are attending some kind of course and/or training activities in English.The dissemination of the project and its results will be made public at the school, locally and at the provincial level, with articles in the press, radio and local television. The Department of Education and Europe are the selected organizations for the certification of activities.The project’s impact will give us a more European aspect that will be integrated into all aspects of education and teaching. The teachers will have acquired skills and strategies that will promote the development of new international cooperation projects through the students, who will also benefit from participating in the project. Applying the most active and appealing teaching styles will decrease the school’s dropout rate, offer new challenges to young students who will go to finish his/her education in another country of Europe and it will slowly diminish the difference between distinct countries.

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